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$19.95 It's a Mystery! The Household of God E-IMR4 Quantity:
E-BOOK: It's a Mystery! The Household of God
This e-book has been discontinued and is no longer available.

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“We love the retreats we ordered - can't wait to get started!”
- Jessica, IN
“Our family & others from our Parish organized a "Household of God" Retreat - 1 lesson every 2 weeks for 6 - 2 hour sessions (the 6th week being the Closing Ceremonies) at our Parish this fall. We found the material to be wonderful. It engaged the children, was fun, taught Catholic truths well, and we were able to easily incorporate almost every activity from the material. We had about 50 children registered (split into 4 classes of similar ages) and somehow attracted 25 adult and teen volunteers! We supplemented it with a selection of Catholic and Christian music songs that fit into the daily themes (the children learned actions to them). I'd be happy to share with others how it went and the songs we used to supplement. We also made about 100 milk carton blocks to build towers with - they were a smashing (literally) hit! Oh, yes, we also wrote short skits for each day lesson to introduce the topic complete with an object. Happy to share ideas! ”
- Jo-Anne Lukey, Regina
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