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I love how CHC integrates the Faith so beautifully, but my relatives/neighbors think I'm just teaching religion and not core subjects.

Do CHC materials promote the Latin or Novus Ordo Mass?

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Our Faith permeates every living moment, whether we realize it or not. Our children's happiness, self-discipline, obedience, sharing, cooperation, thoughtfulness, all stem from being exposed to the teachings of our Faith. If we do not teach our children to know, love, and serve God, all the academics are for nothing.

Religion Supplements
“We had used a secular curriculum for two years and found that our children were not growing spiritually. We thought that we could use enrichment activities for faith fulfillment. This did not work as we were so overwhelmed by the work of the curriculum that the faith activities were neglected. We then decided to make the switch to a Catholic curriculum so that our faith would be just as much a part of their education as the academics. Now our children are exposed to faith-based moral and spiritual inspiration daily. These inspirations guide their decision-making and behavior in all aspects of their lives. For various reasons, my children tell me that this is their favorite curriculum!!”
- Steven, TN
“I love your slogan - 'Educating for Eternity' - for isn't that the true goal of Catholic education? Thank you for helping us live the faith and pass it on meaningfully to our children.”
- Christine
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