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“My two oldest children, in the past two years of homeschooling, have gone from half-heartedly attending Sunday Mass, to REQUESTING daily Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, trips to the Sacrament of Confession and books on Saints. I attribute this change to using homeschooling materials that are strong with Catholic ideals and uphold Godly virtues. Thank you for making these available to us!”
- Sarah, OH
“We had used a secular curriculum for two years and found that our children were not growing spiritually. We thought that we could use enrichment activities for faith fulfillment. This did not work as we were so overwhelmed by the work of the curriculum that the faith activities were neglected. We then decided to make the switch to a Catholic curriculum so that our faith would be just as much a part of their education as the academics. Now our children are exposed to faith-based moral and spiritual inspiration daily. These inspirations guide their decision-making and behavior in all aspects of their lives. For various reasons, my children tell me that this is their favorite curriculum!!”
- Steven, TN
“My children's behavior has changed considerably since we've used CHC materials. Instead of obeying their parents for fear of being reprimanded, they do it for the love of God and our Blessed Mother. They become so proud that they ask if God is smiling, and want to make sure that their behavior will help them get into Heaven. They are also more open to sharing God's love with their friends, who may be having a difficult time themselves.”
- Rebecca, GA
“There is no way a child could complete the CHC course of study and not have a strong foundation or a deep love of the Faith.”
- Susan
“I love your slogan - 'Educating for Eternity' - for isn't that the true goal of Catholic education? Thank you for helping us live the faith and pass it on meaningfully to our children.”
- Christine
“I have never been disappointed with a product from you. I love that my children are getting a sound education, but mostly I love that they are learning aspects of their faith without even realizing it. Thank you so much for all you do!”
- Kathy
“I just wanted to thank you for being such a support for Catholic families. Though I am not a homeschooler, I have found that I can trust your products to enrich our family life and provide a means of integrating our faith into our daily life more deeply. Some people were blessed to have grown up with knowledge of the truths, traditions, and beauty of our faith and they might not need so much help. Others of us, and this is the category I find myself in, may need to be one step ahead of our children as we try to guide them to live faith-filled lives. CHC gives me the knowledge I need so that I may share our beautiful faith with our children. Thank you. It is certainly apparent that you run a ministry, not just a business.”
- Jeannine, NY
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