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I Can Find Numbers and Shapes
Little Folks' Number Practice
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CHC Lesson Plans schedule MCP Mathematics for Kindergarten through 3rd grade, and Saxon Math for 4th grade on up. MCP Math and Saxon Math are not available from CHC directly. They can be purchased more affordably from other suppliers. Direct links to where you can purchase these math programs are provided on the Core Kit pages, or you may use the information below to make sure you are purchasing the correct editions.

Grade K: MCP Math Level K Homeschool Kit (2005 ed.) (ISBN: 9780765273871)

Grade 1: MCP Math Level A Homeschool Kit (2005 ed.) (ISBN: 9780765273819)

Grade 2: MCP Math Level B Homeschool Kit (2005 ed.) (ISBN: 9780765273826)

Grade 3: MCP Math Level C Homeschool Kit (2005 ed.) (ISBN: 9780765273833) 

Grade 4: Saxon Math 5/4 Kit (3rd ed.) (ISBN: 9781591413479)

Grade 5: Saxon Math 6/5 Kit (3rd ed.) (ISBN: 9781591413486)

Grade 6: Saxon Math 7/6 Kit (4th ed.) (ISBN: 9781591413493) 

Grade 7: Saxon Math 8/7 Kit (3rd ed.) (ISBN: 9781591413509) 

Grade 8: Saxon Math Algebra 1 Kit (3rd ed.) (ISBN: 9781565771239)
Saxon Math Algebra 1 Solutions Manual (3rd ed.) (ISBN: 9781565771376)

New to Saxon Math? Click here for a free placement test! A separate placement test is available for Algebra 1.  

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I Can Find Numbers and Shapes
Little Folks' Number Practice
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