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“This year we are using Behold and See 5 for our fifth-grade daughter's science curriculum. We have appreciated the variety of topics covered and feel that a sufficient amount of information is given for the student to learn about each topic. We love the author's conversational style of writing because it makes it so much more personal. The workbook goes along with the book so nicely and provides some great reinforcement of the material covered in the book. Finally, when we begin with a new book for a subject, our daughter will often ask us "Is this a Catholic book?" - because that is important to her. It is nice to be able to say "Yes, this book is written from a Catholic perspective." Thank you for providing such a lovely fifth-grade science book!”
- Mary, SD
“This is our first year using a Catholic Heritage Curricula Science Curriculum. We are using the Behold and See 5 for our 5th grader, and LOVING it! What a nice change from the "typical" science curriculum. We are enjoying the incorporation of science and God and His world. My daughter also enjoys the "Roll up Your Sleeve!" activities. They give great project ideas that do not require much preparation. We also use the workbook, which helps reiterate what is learned in the text. The questions are not too hard, nor too easy, just perfect for the grade level. There is also a variety of activities, so the child does not get bored with something redundant. My daughter wants to do science before any other subject! ”
- Kristen, GA
Behold and See 5 is amazing. We and the G. family did it together with a total of 4 children-- ages 7 through 11. Amazing book, the kids retained it all, and now we are finishing the year out with building a garden here in Kentucky, the two families together. I am positive that the kids will be using what they learned in Behold and See 5 throughout the process.”
- Suzie, KY
“We LOVE the 5th grade Behold and See this year and are hopeful that we can look forward to continuing on with Behold and See for science for 6-8th grades. Incidentally, this is the first year I am following CHC's lesson plans to the letter and so far it is our best year ever. Thank you so much for helping to bring joy back to our home school.”
- Angela, CA
“I am SO happy with Behold and See 5. After years of complicated science curriculums that appeared fun and exciting, but always seemed to fall flat, Behold and See 5 is a breath of fresh air. It is simple, but beautiful (as all of the CHC materials seem to be!). The pictures and explanations are outstanding and easy for independent study, as well as for family discussion. The workbook that goes with the text is equally wonderful with plenty of assignments to reinforce the topic being studied. The activities and experiments are easy and can be done independently (or with a younger sibling tagging along). We especially loved the worm activities and were given a "thumbs up" from God when we woke up that rainy school day to find huge earthworms had gotten into our basement! God brought the worms right to our doorstep on the very day we needed them for our CHC activity! The best part of Behold and See 5 is that it has turned this science-dreading mom into a confident teacher this year. I love hearing..."MOM, did you know.....?" after my 5th grader reads his assignment. Thank you again for creating such simple, elegant materials!”
- Gina, KY
“This year I was looking for something different for science for my 5th grader. We've used CHC materials for grammar and he enjoys them, and this text is no different. With both texts, he and I appreciate that Catholic values are a natural part of the learning process. He's constantly sharing interesting things he learns with me. He enjoys the wide variety of information in the science book and the interesting way it is presented. I enjoy watching his excitement as he learns and grows. ”
- Cynthia, MO
“My daughter used Behold & See 5 for her 8th grade science last year. She really enjoyed science for once! It is the first time she remembered what she was learning and she often would tell the family at dinner interesting facts. I think her only regret was that it wasn't longer.”
- Katherine, CA
“The Behold and See Science 5 set has been a continual blessing this year. Every day's lessons create new topics of conversations with family and friends. The author has a quirky way of getting us to understand and remember the content. (Yes, Mom too has learned a lot!) Each chapter draws us deeper into the mystery of God's creation. I know it is a favorite when all ages stop their work to listen to the new science topic. My oldest is just fit to be tied that the book was not completed in time for her to use it. We are looking forward to book #6.”
- Melinda, IL
“My 11 daughter year old used Behold and See 5 this year. I was very impressed with the text aesthetically and academically. Due to the excellent instructions, she was able to write an impressive report on earthworms using data she collected. The workbook gave a thorough review, opportunity to answer conceptual questions in complete sentences, and solidified the concepts but captured her interest so that she did not feel overwhelmed. She found the text engaging because it is written "to a kid" and she scored in the 97th percentile for science in her sixth grade standardized test this year! Thank you for a wonderful product.”
- Carrie, Cranberry, PA
“My daughter and I are both so happy with this textbook and workbook. They are very intelligently and clearly written. My daughter loves the activities in each chapter. It really brings science to life for her. She can't wait for Behold and See 6, next year. I'm so happy to find a great science textbook that also has a Catholic perspective. Thank you for providing great textbooks! ”
- Christina, MI
“Thank you for providing more Behold and See science--excellent CATHOLIC science. This mom is glad you have written more books for the upper grades.”
- Maria, MN
“My "scientists" are really enjoying the Behold and See series; it is perfect for those kids who enjoy science and need more depth and experimentation. The fourth grader is thrilled about his science lessons because he remembers all his sister got to do.”
- Melissa, CO
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