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I've been thinking of using [a Protestant text] in place of Catholic materials. Is there really that much difference, as they are both Christian?

I've seen some Protestant homeschool books that frankly look pretty good. What is so wrong with using Protestant materials and supplementing with Catholic religion classes?

Do I need to purchase Teacher's Guides or Answer Keys? I notice that a lot of CHC materials don't seem to have separate Guides or Keys.

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What a great gift to be Catholic!  What a blessing to know Him, Who is the foundation of all Truth, the great Cause of all that exists!  And what a great privilege and joy to be able to pass these truths on to our children as we encounter Him in every subject that we teach. Yet, His creative power and providence is perhaps evident most clearly in the subject of science.

Science, very simply, studies God's creative handiwork.  

It can be quite a shock, therefore, to pick up a library book on a scientific topic and see how deeply it is imbued with secular philosophy. Secular texts, too, omit reference to or acknowledgment of God's eternal designs, the intricate providence for His creation. In addition, non-Catholic texts often distort the Church's contributions to scientific study. Worse, it is not uncommon for non-Catholic texts to use science topics to subtly or not so subtly deride Church teachings.  

It was these very difficulties in our own homeschooling that spurred us to "open the doors" of CHC so that Catholic families might have access to quality materials that lay a strong academic yet Catholic educational foundation for our children.
Science and Health
“I have just so much appreciated having the faith integrated with the subjects without being stiff and un-real. It just blends - and that's exactly how our faith and our lives should be!”
- Jessica, IN
“The godly character that is spread throughout all the CHC materials we have purchased is of the greatest value to us. From Handwriting to Science - from Art to Math, God is fused throughout all subject areas. The Catholic school our children used to attend was good, but the curriculum used fell short in fusing God into every subject area. Thank you!”
- Rhonda, CO
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