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“Having the Catholic values intertwined with the learning process makes it so nice and so easy to teach our young ones that God is present everywhere and in everything. Many times my 7 yr. old daughter will exclaim that God made this and how Jesus is so good, etc. It becomes a natural part of their conversation and it brings more opportunities to teach about God.”
- Mary, KY
“I am just so amazed at how BEAUTIFUL all your materials, for all of your subjects, are! Beauty and Catholicism are the environment in which I want my children to grow and learn! And the best part is that I get to learn right alongside them! God bless you!”
- Jane, Virginia
“I have just so much appreciated having the faith integrated with the subjects without being stiff and un-real. It just blends - and that's exactly how our faith and our lives should be!”
- Jessica, IN
“The godly character that is spread throughout all the CHC materials we have purchased is of the greatest value to us. From Handwriting to Science - from Art to Math, God is fused throughout all subject areas. The Catholic school our children used to attend was good, but the curriculum used fell short in fusing God into every subject area. Thank you!”
- Rhonda, CO
“I really believe in CHC's mission of teaching for eternity and I am thoroughly enjoying homeschooling my 2nd grader and Kindergartener using your materials. The curricula is authentically Catholic as the Faith is intertwined throughout all the subject areas. I can really trust your materials and I love the simplicity of it as well. I love that Science is portrayed from a Catholic world view. That is wonderful! Keep up the great work!”
- Krista, OH
“After years of struggling to fit my children into the mold you describe so perfectly as 'bringing school home' I've finally decided to use CHC's lesson plans and books. This will be our 9th year to homeschool, ... but we got away from using CHC materials in favor of using what I perceived as more 'educationally rigorous' providers. However, after investigating your lesson plans and seeing the beautiful simplicity and high educational standards you and your authors are setting for the Catholic homeschooling market, I'm looking forward to beginning this year with a renewed sense of purpose. It makes so much sense to write textbooks that are meant for individual and not classroom use!”
- Susan
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