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My Very First Catholic Speller
Nancy Nicholson

The My Catholic Speller series strives to provide a phonics-based approach to spelling, to instill a love for Our Lord and His Church, and to present the material in a format that is simple to teach and simple to learn. 

My Very First Catholic Speller is a spelling and phonics worktext for little ones who have just learned to read, and is based on the same phonics method taught in Little Stories for Little Folks. A variety of activities are utilized in each lesson to hold the child's interest. 

This self-contained program includes "Presenting the Lesson" guidelines with each lesson and a removable answer key in the back of the book--no need to purchase or refer to a separate teacher's manual or answer key! Cardstock letter tiles included in the back of the worktext give children practice in forming words.

Extra! My Very First Catholic Speller includes activities that teach introductory grammar and writing (capital letters and periods, writing practice, word study). 

Advanced Kindergarten/Average First Grade.  Removable answer key included. Spiral bound for ease of use. Illustrated. Softcover. 78 pages. 27 lessons.

Recommended core text in CHC Lesson Plans for First GradeTour this title within the First Grade Interactive Guide!


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“[My daughter] loves to open her spelling book and see words like "Mass" and "Pope"; she thinks it is so cool!”
- Kathleen, NJ
“When we reached the last page of our speller this year, my daughter begged for me to get the next book, "PLEASE, Mama?!!" It doesn't count as school to do spelling for this first grader, especially when she doesn't even notice that she's learning spelling and words that relate to our faith.”
- Diane, VA
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