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$6.25 CD only BN-CHA-CD Quantity:
$12.95 Level 5 only (Grade 5) BN-CHA-5 Quantity:
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OUT-OF-PRINT EDITIONS: Christian Heritage Art Program
Sr. Marie Vianney Hamilton, O.P.

Originally $24.95 per component. NOW 50-75% OFF! Brand-new condition.

***** This program is out of print; the Complete Set and Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 are no longer available.*****

The Christian Heritage Art Program permits students from age 5 through 15 to visually experience the artistic heritage which inspires their faith. Every lesson involves students in viewing famous works of art, interpreting their message, and creating their own masterpieces. Click on "View Samples" above for a detailed scope and sequence for all grade levels.

Please note:
The CD is a necessary part of the program and includes details of how to teach all the lessons (levels 1-8), enrichment activities, narratives, and bibliographies and credits. For a family with fifth- and sixth-grade students, for instance, both Levels 5 and 6 and one CD must be purchased for a comprehensive program.




Level 5 (Ages 9-11)
The High Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci is studied in this period and the students learn the art of scale drawing. In their last lesson of the Modern period, Impressionist artists such as Monet, Renoir and Seurat are studied.  The students, then, make their own Pointillism still life.

Level 6 (Ages 10-12)
In the third lesson of Medieval Stained Glass the Gothic cathedrals of Europe are the impetus for the students to learn various color schemes and incorporate them into their own contemporary designs.  Markers and oiled crayon is the medium used.  In the 17th-18th centuries lesson the students make pastel self-portraits after viewing the portraits of Rembrandt and Franz Hals.

Level 7 (Ages 11-13)
In viewing the beautiful ancient Greek vase designs, the students study the human figure and create their own athletic event in a crayon tempera etching. The Late Renaissance artist Caravaggio is studied in the fourth lesson.  In examining his dramatic religious paintings such as the "Conversion of St. Paul," the students show their knowledge of foreshortening in creating appealing posters.

Level 8 (Ages 12-14)
In the first lesson students arrive with the missionary fathers in Central Africa and see the beautiful bead jewelry worn by the natives.  Then under the impetus of this carefully wrought art, they create their own jewelry from colored magazine papers and bread beads. In the Renaissance period the students study Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, see the restored ceiling and then, taking inspiration from these beautiful frescoes, make a charcoal figure drawing of one of their classmates.

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