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Madeleine Takes Command
Ethel C. Brill

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This gripping and inspiring historical novel is based on a true account of colonial French Canada in the 1690s. Harassed by Iroquois, the Verchères fortress must keep a continual guard. Fourteen-year-old Madeleine is left alone with two younger brothers and few others when the Iroquois attack. Madeleine's youthful leadership, especially of her brothers, will win the reader's admiration. 

Madeleine Takes Command is the second of five literature books studied in The Treasure Trove of Literature, Level 2. The student will fill out a plot map of the story in order to study the five parts of a mountain plot: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. 

Illustrated. Softcover. 204 pgs. 6"x9"

This title is a recommended core text in CHC Lesson Plans for Fifth Grade.


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