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Because of its very newness, homeschooling can appear overwhelming. But rest assured, you are not alone in this adventure. Catholic Heritage Curricula (CHC) is here to help you at every step of the way. CHC exists to assist those who wish to provide solid, affordable, Catholic academics to their children in a gentle homeschool setting.


For those taking the first steps toward Catholic homeschooling, you might be surprised to learn that Catholic Heritage Curricula charges no tuition fees. Your only expenditure is for materials.


The most informative approach to selecting materials for your homeschool is to tour the Grade-level Interactive Guides. These guides walk you through all the Core materials for each grade level, showing how each text fits together to give your student a complete education. With these grade level guides you can more easily determine the grade level of materials that will best match your child's unique abilities, interests, and talents.


Since there are no tuition or enrollment fees, it is easy to calculate the cost per grade by using the online Quick Order feature. This is located along the left sidebar of each grade level. Checkmark all titles listed under "Core Materials" for that grade. Next, click "Place Order." The total cost for that grade level is then calculated. Remember, many of these titles are non-consumable and may be used by your next student, and often for more than one grade level.



The required materials for each grade level are those listed in the Quick Order (left sidebar) under the heading "Core Materials." Core subjects are the "basic essentials" of education, often thought of as the "Three R's." CHC offers a balance of all core, essential subjects and ample enrichment activities, without overwhelming the student or his teacher. Still, for families who have just started homeschooling, CHC suggests a focus on "core" subjects. Once you are comfortably settled into homeschooling, the suggested enrichment listed in the lesson plans may be added.

For those who would like a little help designing their lessons, but don't wish to completely replicate the public school model in their home, daily lesson plans may be obtained from CHC; CHC lesson plans are gentle but thorough, providing a strong academic and Faith-filled education. With CHC's lesson plans, the family tailors the studies to fit the family; with public school, private school, or a very structured home study school, the program tailors the family to fit the studies.

To minimize the frustrations and maximize the rewards, a simple way to ease into the first year of homeschooling is with the "full meal deal."  That is, using CHC lesson plans with the recommended materials. This approach nearly eliminates planning time, as the planning has already been done for you, allowing you to focus instead on teaching and relishing this new experience with your children.


Our particular outreach is to Catholic families living in isolated areas, to those who cannot afford private school fees, and also to military families who desire a stable, Faith-filled Catholic education for their children.

Military children bear the extra burden of transfers that interrupt their education mid-year and the added trauma of changing schools frequently; children and fathers often miss out on precious moments when fathers are home on leave because children must be in school. The flexibility of Catholic homeschooling eliminates all of these burdens for children and their parents; school follows the family, allowing an uninterrupted education exactly at the child's current level.

Catholic Heritage Curricula has developed an educational program that is absolutely faithful to the Magisterium, low in cost, solidly academic, but easily taught at home. In addition, we provide caring, free staff support to anyone who uses our materials, no matter where in the world they are located.  


To learn more about CHC's educational approach, and to assist families who are exploring the homeschooling lifestyle, we have compiled an archive of Staff Consultant Answers to your homeschooling questions, indexed by topic. All Questions & Answers are organized alphabetically by topic so you can easily look up any issue that arises throughout the year. This is not just a common FAQ, but a detailed, supportive database written by our support team and certified teachers to make homeschooling easier for parents.


We are occasionally asked if we are an accredited school. Catholic Heritage Curricula is not a school but rather a curriculum provider; therefore, we cannot be accredited. CHC operates under the philosophy that your home is your school; as Catholic parents, you should have complete control over what is taught in your home. CHC facilitates your vision for your own Catholic homeschool, based on the needs of your family.

Learn more about accreditation here.


Homeschooling regulations, listed by state, can be found on the Home School Legal Defense Association website. HSLDA also provides legal defense for homeschooling families. For more information about their services, see the HSLDA website.


Many homeschoolers choose to homeschool when they realize that the focus of textbooks has radically changed since they themselves began school 25-35 years ago, or that academic standards have fallen precipitously.  Others wanted a Catholic education for their children, but switched to homeschooling when they realized that Catholic schools use the same secular textbooks as those in public schools, or when tuition fees became too burdensome for the family budget.

Most choose to homeschool in part because they realize that their children face cultural and social pressures far more serious than a generation ago.  As reflected in a recent CHC survey, parents are often thrilled then to discover that homeschooling not only produces children who "test out" with higher academic scores than their non-homeschooled counterparts, but who also are closer to their siblings, better socialized, and with a deeper love for Our Lord.  


Do you ever worry about choices for high school? Does the thought of homeschooling send you to your knees (this is good!), but the prospect of public high school, secular texts promoting anything but godly values, and peer pressure seem even more frightening? Courage! Jesus came to give us life abundantly, and His strength to go against all challenges. With His grace, we can prepare our young adults to “go against the flow” through a very workable, rewarding homeschooling experience. Our young adults are precious to us, and to their Heavenly Father, Who loves and cares for them even more than we do! If you are unsure about what approach to use for high school, we encourage you to browse the information here on CHC's information-packed high school site.  




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Please contact me directly with any questions you may have. May our good Jesus bless and guide you in this wonderful homeschooling venture.

With warm regards,
Theresa A. Johnson, Founder


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