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+ June 26, 2012

"The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family."
—Thomas Jefferson


Do your children attend public school, but it seems that the system is failing your children? Do you have a discouraged child who struggles in one or two subjects, but can't seem to catch up? Or perhaps a high-achieving student who would love to explore topics ahead of his grade level, but has no opportunity for enrichment classes? Would you especially like to provide an alternative to yet more hours spent in front of an electronic screen, and instead build happy family memories at home?
Catholic Heritage Curricula invites you to try our Summer Enrichment Program! We offer materials that can be used for remedial reading, math, and spelling; or for wholesome summer activities and enrichment to keep skills up and children excited at the wonder of discovery over the long summer break from school.
Phonics, reading, spelling, and math workbooks may be used for catch-up tutoring in the child's comforting, supportive home environment. (For remedial work, select materials that are suited to the ability of the child.)
As the student progresses through the work, point out to him the areas that he/she has mastered, praising him/her for his achievement. When the student's weak areas begin to show, slow down a bit to make sure he/she understands the new concept. Then remind him that, just as he mastered previous concepts, he will soon master this one. Praise, praise, praise.

Students who are ahead of their grade level and thrive on challenges might use materials above their grade level, also suited to their abilities.
Or perhaps your family would like to create a summer of memories, exploring the wonders of God's creation through simple astronomy; bird study; or teaching your children how to whittle; or to cook over an open fire. See Tin Cups and Tinder, The Young Man's Handybook, or Pilgrims of the Holy Family. Would your daughter like to learn simple sewing and cooking skills with Mom or Grandma this summer? Create memories with Sewing with Saint Anne or Tea and Cake with the Saints.
Whether your child needs tutoring, or engaging enrichment activities, Catholic Heritage Curricula's Summer Enrichment Program gives your family the tools to fill summer days with wholesome, character-building activities.
Praying God's blessing and protection on your family this summer,
Theresa Johnson



Customer Appreciation Days are here!

We want to take this opportunity to thank those families who are completing their very first year of homeschooling with CHC, and those families who have been with CHC from its infancy. It is your loyal support that has helped us to grow and serve an ever wider population!  Enjoy huge savings throughout the website on Saxon Math, History texts, A Year with God, Sewing with Saint Anne, and More!

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We love hearing from CHC families!

"I always wanted to write to you and tell you how much we LOVE Catholic Heritage Curricula; it has been wonderful and our family had finally last year become total CHC with our 2nd grade triplets. Our oldest is graduating this week and loved doing High School of Your Dreams. We honestly had our best year in homeschooling this year with our 6 school kids + baby. I tell everyone that I think God gave us our best year in school because he knew the trials we would have to deal with, also it is because I finally got out of Charter school and went completely with CHC with most of our stuff. I was always one to pick and choose all sorts of curriculum... I can't tell you how great it was to use the lesson plans completely and feel like we were doing such beautiful quality schooling, and we still had time to do all sorts of in depth studies and extra activities. CHC is truly the perfect blend of academics, Faith, and home. I am looking forward to becoming a TOTAL CHC family and I tell all our friends about your curriculum! Thank you, Thank you! Bless you all!" —Katherine, CA

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Summer tutoring available!
High school students who are struggling or who wish to get a head start may now request tutoring in science, math, or writing. Click here!

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Graduating eighth grade students may apply. All entries must be postmarked by July 12, 2012. Find out more details here!