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The Treasure Trove of Literature and the Art of Understanding It, Level 1
Roxanna Hebson

An Easy-to-Use Literature Program with Hands-On Activities 

Lead your student to understand and love literature with this in-depth, Catholic program written by homeschooling parent Roxanna Hebson! The easy-to-use program consists of a non-consumable GUIDEBOOK and a consumable NOTEBOOK which guide the student through five classic works of children’s literature: Little House in the Big Woods, The Father Brown Reader, Minn of the Mississippi, The Winged Watchman, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. (See list of recommended editions here.)

The Treasure Trove of Literature, Level 1 includes:

  • Vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension questions
  • Literary elements: setting, character, plot, and theme
  • Literary devices and figures of speech (alliteration, irony, similes, and more)
  • Character analysis
  • Weekly questions for individual or group discussion
  • Weekly study of a positive character quality and a saintly role-model 
  • Weekly games, projects, and activities
  • Final project for each book 

Designed for independent study—no prior literary knowledge needed by the parent! To encourage independent study skills, all instructional material in the Guidebook and Notebook is directed to the student. Removable parent resources include a complete answer key, a detailed guide to discussion questions, and a guide to each major character in the books. The program is designed to be completed in one year, but it could be completed more slowly. Level 1 is recommended for fourth grade, but it could also be used with older students, up to seventh grade.

Guidebook: Non-consumable. 312 pgs. Spiral binding. Softcover. 8½”x11”

Notebook: Consumable. 282 pgs. Spiral binding. Softcover. 8½”x11”

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About the Author

Since 2009, Roxanna Hebson has dedicated herself to homeschooling. Originally from Florida, she now lives in Georgia with her husband and their four children. She earned a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Humanities from the University of West Florida. She has enjoyed leading literature and writing classes through various homeschool groups. In particular, Roxanna loves combining hands-on activities with rich literary experiences.


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“My son absolutely loves The Treasure Trove of Literature and the Art of Understanding It, Level 1. My son never wanted to try new types of books until now. The fact that he draws an illustration for each chapter makes a huge difference, I think. He doesn't mind answering the questions since he can draw pictures as well. ”
- Ann, OH
“I have been homeschooling my 6 kids for 6 years now. This is the absolute best reading curriculum I have ever found!! I've bought and tried probably close to 30 different reading comprehension programs for different novels (for mostly grades 4 to 6). This one is the most well done and age appropriate that I have ever encountered. I wish the author would create this curriculum for all grades because she is so talented. If you buy only one thing from Catholic Heritage Curricula, this should be it!”
- Vanessa, Columbia City, IN
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