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Little Latin Reader Level D: Sancta Missa
Julie Collorafi

“Mommy, I can read Latin!” Wouldn’t you like to hear your child say that? With Little Latin Readers, learning the language of the Church will come easily and naturally for students of all ages. Featuring short stories, simple poems and dialogues, these small-format readers will give beginning Latin students an important sense of achievement and success.

In the natural context of a story or poem, the student will

• become familiar with elementary grammar concepts
• develop comprehension and translation skills
• gain a wide working vocabulary

Students will enjoy selections about ancient Rome, scenes from the lives of Jesus and Mary, and explanations of the parts of the Mass. Each illustrated reader includes explanations of grammar concepts, cumulative vocabulary reviews, reading drills, translations of all selections, and a Latin-English dictionary for easy reference.

One of the great strengths about the LLR program is that it combines the best features that are most effective in learning a language: immersion at a slow pace, gentle enough for anyone to progress no matter what the age, and explanation and reinforcement of grammar concepts.

Ideally, an advanced third grader can start this program with a little guidance from Mom. Each reader includes a brief explanation of the grammar concepts introduced in that reader and gives some reading drills which will allow the student practice with these concepts. If the student reads these explanations carefully and does the reading drills given after most of the readings, he will have no problem whatever in understanding the text. A student could definitely understand these without prior knowledge of Latin.

Level D: Sancta Missa (Holy Mass)

The fourth reader and workbook focus on the Holy Mass with short fact-based selections on the theology, spirituality and Biblical roots of the Mass, the greatest act of Christian worship. Quotes from Scripture, the saints and from the text of the Mass are included in descriptions of the ministers of the altar, the vestments of the priest, and the music and prayers of the Mass.

The workbook presents an overview of the first three declensions of Latin nouns and introduces the fourth and fifth declensions. The four conjugations of verbs are introduced with explanations of the four principal parts of verbs with an emphasis on infinitives and present active participles and the introduction of some irregular and deponent verbs. Relative, demonstrative, reflexive and some personal pronouns are introduced and used extensively, as well as the Latin cardinal and ordinal numbers 1-10. The use of adjectives is reviewed and third declension adjectives introduced, along with some irregular and superlative adjectives. Sentence diagramming continues with more complex constructions, e.g., relative clauses, appositives, and participles offered for study and practice.

This set includes the Little Latin Reader, Workbook, and Audio Pronunciation CD.

The Little Latin Reader is 68 pages. Small format (5-1/2" x 8-1/2"). Translations included. Illustrated. 2nd Edition.

The Workbook gives more in-depth explanations of the grammar and provides plenty of exercises and drills of grammar concepts, including much practice in diagramming sentences. Also includes a 23-week suggested lesson plan, glossary of grammatical terms, noun declensions chart, and diagramming reference chart. 106 pages. Illustrated. 8-1/2" x 11"

The Audio Pronunciation CD includes the correct pronunciation for all the words presented in this level. Very helpful tool!


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