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Question: Could you please describe your Rosary walks? I thought I had discovered this for myself when I couldn't seem to fit all my morning devotions in and my daily walk. Praying the Rosary on my walks started out just fine, but lately, I feel easily distracted and a bit guilty that I can't keep my mind on "business"! Could you please describe your Rosary walks and any tips you have for staying focused?

Dear Fellow Walker,

Like yourself, I found that I was easily distracted during my Rosary Walk. I have always offered up the decades for special intentions, however oftentimes my mind would wander from one concern to the next. If I was praying a decade for a particular child, then naturally my thoughts would drift to the intentions I may have for that child.

For a long time I felt that perhaps this was less than desirable. However I have come to feel differently and feel more at peace with the time that I spend in prayer each morning as I walk. I will share with you my point of view and you can decide for yourself if it helps.

I like to imagine that I am walking with Jesus. I picture Him as clearly as I am able. I see His sandals, His robes, and I try to hear the sound of His footsteps. We are walking together as dear friends. In fact (please do not think me strange), I even imagine that when I open the front door He is standing there waiting on me.

Our conversation moves easily from one topic to the next. He listens and understands all that is on my heart. When I am praying the decades and my thoughts turn to earthly concerns, I allow myself to think these thoughts, because I am after all sharing them with Jesus.

I had to give myself the freedom to be open and ready to talk with the Lord. In so doing, I was able to actually focus more clearly on my time with the Lord. The interesting thing that has developed through this time of walking with the Lord, is a deeper feeling of peace and contentment.

It is as if Jesus is telling me, "Go ahead, dear friend, share with Me all that is on your heart. I want to hear what troubles you and where your thoughts are leading you." The beauty of the Rosary is the very nature of its prayers. The devotion of the Rosary is meditative and contemplative. We are so blessed to have this devotion. It is indeed possible to say the prayers of the Rosary and talk with Jesus at the same time.

I do not feel guilty if my thoughts turn to what I will fix for dinner, or the school work that must be completed or the last disagreement I had with a friend. I have allowed myself the freedom to be with Jesus and tell Him all these concerns. In so doing I find myself reaching a place of calm. I realize that Jesus patiently listens (in much the same way you or I would listen to a little child talk about their day). He reminds me that He is glad to be with me, shares those concerns that trouble me and most importantly: gives me the Peace that passes understanding as He soothes my soul and refreshes me for the start of a new day. It is in this frame of mind that I am better able to say "Your Will, Lord."

I have found that I will be inspired by the Holy Spirit as I walk. If I am troubled about what to fix for dinner, it is amazing how Jesus will help me. If I am concerned because one of the college people is traveling, Jesus calms my fears and gives me His reassurance that He will guard and protect that child for me.

And so it goes, our time together. I am eager for this time with Jesus and need to be with Him in this way each day. If I miss my walk/talk with the Lord I never get as much accomplished throughout the day.

Recently I had the great blessing to walk on the beach as I prayed. I was overwhelmed with all that Jesus showed me. It was so wonderful that I could hardly wait to get home and write down my thoughts. As you can probably guess, the inspirations for many of my Journal entries have come from my walks with the Lord. I love Him dearly and long to spend these moments with Him.

Keep uppermost in your mind one important fact, Jesus does not need our prayers. No, He is perfection in and of Himself. We need to pray because it is in prayer that Jesus is able to transform and work with us. Jesus understands our limitations and all that distracts us, and He loves us beyond our knowing. His greatest desire is to come to us each and every day, all day long and be there for us in all ways.

After I finish my walk, I return home and try to sit quietly on the porch swing or in the kitchen. I am better able to give my mind over to Jesus because I have emptied my heart during my walk. In the silence it is possible to hear the Lord. Who could ask for a better walking companion? Dearest Jesus, please accept my offering of prayer each day. Purify my efforts and give me Your peace, that I may walk with You hand in hand towards my Heavenly home. Amen.

Sending out a prayer,
Rita Munn

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