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Question: Hello, I was wondering if you could recommend a daily scripture/prayer book for homeschooling mothers or mothers in general. Just something simple that has a daily Bible reading with explanation and maybe some quotes from Saints or other Catholics. A daily prayer book focusing on mothers and/or homeschooling would be perfect. Thank you so much!

Dear Mom,

Thank you for your question. I have used several different methods of daily prayer and have found that of all the books that I have read the one that has been the most helpful is the "Magnificat". My husband is a deacon in the Catholic Church and he is required to read the Liturgy of Hours 2 times a day. I have on occasion read with him from the Liturgy of Hours.

Let me offer another alternative to the conventional books and such that one can purchase to help in your spiritual prayer life. In fact I use this method of prayer and find that it gives me great comfort and has been the most peaceful form of prayer for me.

The Catholic Church has many websites that list the daily Mass readings. Many times your parish will post the daily readings in the Sunday bulletin. Using these readings I spend time each evening before going to sleep to read the scriptures suggested for the day and then reflect upon them in my journal. Writing in my journal has been a very powerful means to connect with the scriptures and their meaning in my life. This has been my custom for many, many years. I find that the dear Jesus speaks to me through the scriptures in ways that are unique to me as a mother. Writing a small amount in my journal about the way the scripture touches my heart helps me to focus my thoughts and direct my prayers. It is as though I am answering the dear Lord when He reaches out to me with scriptures. There are many, many books that give a short reading or teaching about the different saints for each day. Here again, websites that list the readings many times include a synopsis of the saint for the day. Here again I find that reflecting upon the life of the saint helps me to bear in mind the qualities and virtues of that saint and pray for the intercession of the saint in my efforts for the next day.

Remember that the Catholic Church in its great love for its people and wisdom empowered through the Holy Spirit has designed the readings to follow a progression that enhances our worship throughout the Liturgical Year. Reflecting upon these readings and asking the Lord to show us the power of their meaning in our daily life is a prayer that the sweet Jesus desires to honor. Using a simple notebook and your own desire to express to the Lord what you are hearing through the readings is a way for you to bring the scripture to life. Remember that your journal writings are personal and are a tangible way for you to work through all that you may be feeling in a particular time. I have been amazed when I look back at my journal writings to read what I have written and how my fears, worries, anxieties were tenderly eased by the Lord's care of me.

I am sure that if you take just a few moments and visit a Catholic bookstore you will find many suitable books that address the concerns that you are wanting to answer through prayer. There are many books out there that are centered upon daily prayer, however I prefer those that are written by Catholic authors. I like to read daily scripture from a truly Catholic perspective. This Christmas I was given a wonderful gift of a daily prayer/meditation taken from the writings of Pope Benedict. It is a treasure and will serve to bring me much comfort throughout the year.

Our time spent with the Lord at the end of the day is to my mind the most precious and beautiful. We give over our tired and weary bodies to His care in the night and speak with Him about all the challenges we have faced that day. Jesus holds us tenderly and soothes our fears and asks us to rest in His embrace as we drift off to sleep. The last thing I say each night before sleep overtakes me is 'Jesus, I love You in the Blessed Sacrament'.

Let us pray together a Hail Mary and offer up our prayers for the needs of all those moms who have not had the great blessing of knowing the power of prayer in their lives. Let us pray that someone will come into their life this night and show them the comfort of prayer.

Sending out a prayer,

Rita Munn

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