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Question: This is just a thank you. A year ago while contemplating whether to homeschool, I began reading Rita Munn's columns and even addressed a question to her. Her monthly columns and her A Family Journal book helped me to begin my homeschooling journey. Now I always find inspiration from her to continue. She is truly a treasure! Thank you CHC!

Dear Mom,

Thank you for such a sweet reply. I very much admire each of the moms that come forward to this forum to ask a question. I appreciate your kind words and accept them as coming from the Lord. I need that encouragement just as much as the next person. Sometimes I concern myself with the worthiness of this ministry to the point of wondering if it should continue. Your kind letter gives me a boost and allows for there to be a feeling of the Lord's own empowerment in my efforts. I often say that I have not had an original thought in years as all my thoughts (if they good and worthy) come from the Holy Spirit. I pray each day to remain open and humble to His call. Please keep me and CHC in your prayers. Thank you.

Sending out a prayer,

Rita Munn

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