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Question: Rita, I just wanted to say thanks for your words of wisdom on my PSR/CCD & sports situation. We're still thinking and praying things over. No matter what, I'm looking forward to using CHC's plans for our daughter's sacramental preparation next year. Last year we used them for our son and couldn't be happier with them. He actually cried from joy after his First Communion! Your materials are such a blessing to the Church. Thanks for everything!

Dear Mom,

Thank you for taking the time to write such a sweet uplifting note. Your generous words of kind praise are indeed meant for the glory of the Lord. We at CHC believe very strongly in the sanctity of the family and the holy goodness that comes when a family centers their tutorial around the Lord. Isn't it so true that if the Lord calls us into a task He will most certainly empower and inspire us to accomplish what He wills of us. The materials from CHC have been carefully prepared in order to insure that moms and dads and all who are responsible for the spiritual as well as academic education of their dear children will feel a sense of great peace. Have you ever entered into a task that you feared may be overwhelming only to discover that there was a great wellspring of peace in the work. This is not to claim that using CHC will eliminate all the difficulties and challenges that parents must face but the peace that passes all human understanding will cover the hardships and allow that those involved are blessed with such peace.

Again thank you for your letter. I am moved to read that your little boy cried at the reception of First Eucharist. When I was the DRE of our parish it was one of the most difficult times for me in that I was watching as precious little ones were brought to the True Presence only to never return again. If all parents could comprehend the amazing ability of the innocent and pure child to understand the Divine it would be such a blessing.

Please ask your dear little boy to pray for me and for my all my family when he next receives our Lord.

Sending out a prayer,

Rita Munn

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