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Question: I have 6 children, ages 1 to 7. It seems the 2 to 7 year olds are always fighting and arguing, though there are occasions when they play and work nicely together. How can I encourage kindness and camaraderie amongst my children? It seems that children who go to a school with other children learn virtue more easily, but homeschooled siblings who are always together have a harder time with this.

Dear Mom,

Don't kid yourself about children that go to public school. The only reason that siblings rarely seem to fight with siblings is not because they learn the virtue of patience in school but rather because they no longer know their siblings and more or less learn to distance themselves from each other. I would suggest that you attack this issue straight on. Siblings are to one another the treasure that the Lord intends them to be. Have the children pray together and for one another. Remember that learning to live with family is the first lesson in learning to live with the world.

Let us pray our prayers this morning for all those families that are separated through the holydays due to arguments and misunderstandings. Such sorrows are avoidable. Let us pray that a spirit of love and forgiveness permeates each home. Amen.

Sending out a prayer,

Rita Munn

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