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Question: I am looking for a curriculum for the highschool years that will provide the necessary documentation for college entrance. I like the materials in CHC, but am nervous that this will not provide the documentation.

Dear Mom,

One of the most confusing features of homeschooling throughout the highschool years is the one that you raise. Let us look to the very real concerns of preparing our highschool aged homeschoolers for the college experience. First and foremost one must decide if indeed their student is headed for college. I like to assume that all highschool children are going to go to college and in that I am better able to equip them with the courses and skills that will ensure this is a reality. I like to give my highschool aged children the freedom to chose or not to chose to enter college based upon their readiness not their lack of preparation. It is important that you are clear about the requirements that are necessary for entrance into college. This is as simple as going to the website of a state college and seeing what is required.

Now you are ready to design your own curriculum based upon accurate information for requirements for entrance into college. You can chose to enroll with a curriculum provider or you may wish to work independently through the highschool years. The most important aspect of highschooling is to keep very accurate records. Your documentation is important in order to avoid confusion with regard to the highschool transcript. The testing, the record keeping, and the course work must be carefully filed so as to provide proof of enrollment and completion of course work.

By designing your own curriculum following the guidelines for college entrance you should be able to provide the college entrance board with a transcript that is viable and correct.

This is only the first step in the process of college entrance. Many colleges require a ACT score or a SAT score to be part of the entrance application. Homeschool students take the ACT or SAT tests with all the other young people who are preparing to enter college. One of the most helpful changes in this process that I have seen in recent years is the encouragement of the college entrance boards to highschoolers to take the ACT or SAT more than once. Students are able to take the test as many as 3 times to perfect their performance. This is a real plus especially for those students that have a difficult time taking tests.

Let me explain that a transcript is a detailed explanation of the course work that has been completed by the student. There is nothing mysterious or difficult about preparing a transcript. It is a body of information that must be accurate and fulfill the requirements for graduation from highschool. A diploma is merely a piece of paper that awards a student for his completion of the necessary course work for graduation from highschool.

CHC's High School of Your Dreams will offer you a sound option for the highschool years. CHC works diligently to provide parents with intelligent, user friendly, totally Catholic materials that will not only aid a parent who desires to homeschool but ensures that this is accomplished in an efficient and reasonable way.

The rest is up to the parent. No matter which way a family chooses to go, the real work of homeschooling through the highschool years falls to the student. No matter the curriculum used the student must learn to accept responsibility for their performance and their work. The most vital aspect of highschool (or any school for that matter) is that the student draw close to the Lord through their academic work and that they develop a healthy work ethic.

Pray about the way you think your family is being called to enter. I am certain that the Holy Spirit will guide you carefully. Go forward without fear and trust in the Lord's desire to lead you gently and surely.

Let us pray together a Hail Mary for all the young people that are preparing to graduate from the highschool homeschool and step up to the greater responsibilities of the world as is the Lord's will. Amen.

Sending out a prayer,

Rita Munn

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