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Question: I've heard that Saxon Math is published by a company that supports Planned Parenthood. I don't know whether this is true or not, but, if this allegation is true, would CHC begin recommending another math program?

Dear Parent,

Thank you so much for letting us know about Saxon’s change of ownership.  CHC shares your concern for life issues, and will be deeply appreciative to receive any suggestions that you might have for a math program published by pro-life, Catholic publishers, with no connection to any company that supports abortion or contraceptive services.

With regard to complicity in supporting abortion, contraceptive products, or any other sinful activity, the Church examines both formal and remote cooperation. 

Formal cooperation would be the direct procuring of abortion, or in some way aiding in the abortion, e.g., performing the abortion, or giving money directly to the doctor to pay for the abortion.

An example of remote cooperation would be that the employer of the woman seeking an abortion provides her paycheck, from which she uses funds to pay for an abortion. 

Some other examples of remote cooperation would be to purchase drugs of any sort—heart medications, cancer treatments, antacids-- from a company that also produces contraceptives; to accept treatment at a hospital that pays a doctor who does abortions at another facility; purchasing or using a computer whose parts are manufactured in China, where all companies are under the hand of a government that mandates forced abortion; to purchase fabric, or clothing made from fabric, made in China; to have dealings with any company that is a conglomerate of companies, which then in turn have dealings with a company that funds contraceptive or abortion services.  In fact, each person who pays taxes is remotely funding abortion and contraceptive services, as federal and/or state governments fund those services for low income and/or government employees.

According to Church teaching, formal cooperation makes a person complicit in the sin.  However, the Church does not consider remote cooperation a sin, since it is so far removed from the sin/person committing the original sin.

Catholic Heritage Curricula’s apostolate centers around the theme of ‘Educating for Eternity.’  Since that education begins within the family, CHC’s materials in every way support the sanctity of life and create a nurturing attitude toward this God-created unit of society.  In supporting and using CHC materials, Catholic families not only give their children a sound academic footing, but also teach them to treasure and support a culture of Life.
Following are but a few samples of numerous pro-life, pro-family themes within CHC books.  [CHC’s Language of God and My Catholic Speller series are not included because they contain too many pro-life, pro-family references to list.]
            Science 2 for Little Folks
                        Before You Were Born
                        Baby Food
                        Power in Weakness
            Little Stories for Little Folks
                        Kim’s Adoption
                        In the Match Box
            Devotional Stories for Little Folks
                        Child of the Promise
                        God’s Big Family

Again, CHC tries in every way possible to promote a culture of life, and will be willing, open, and most grateful to learn of any titles for math books from pro-life publishers that you might suggest.

In Their Hearts,

Theresa Johnson

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