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Question: Hi. I am interested in the first grade curriculum. We used My Father's World for Kindergarten and were very successful. So, I am a little concerned about switching to another curriculum. However, I really love the idea of a catholic curriculum. I was just wondering if you had heard of My Father's World and if you could tell me if the programs are similar? MFW gives weekly themes, with day by day instruction. It is hands on and more of a unit study. It's all inclusive, so it covered everything my kindergartner needed to know! My son is already reading...the basics (phonetically). Will your first grade program pick up where we left off? I don't want to be too far ahead or behind. Thanks.

Dear Parent,

Thank you for your questions! 

I am not familiar with My Father's World curriculum.  However, I can tell you a little about Catholic Heritage Curricula's materials.  I can say for certain that CHC's materials are very Catholic.  You will discover that their curriculum fosters in children a holy zeal and desire to become saints. 

CHC's 1st grade lesson plans do include weekly themes, and day by day instruction.  The core curriculum is highlighted, so that if the parents cannot cover everything in the lesson plans for that day, they have an idea of what can be put aside.  CHC's lesson plans are also flexible.  Parents and students do not have to meet any deadlines or follow a set schedule.  You can go at your own pace, and at the pace of your children.

Also in the lesson plans, you will find ideas for hands-on learning.  While CHC teaches abstract thought, it also recognizes the importance of using hands-on materials.  It is necessary for any child to use all the senses while learning.  Studies have shown that the more senses the children use to learn, the longer that they will remember the material. 

The materials are appropriate for grade level.  However, they also provide enrichment activities for those who are a little ahead or behind.  If your son is already reading the basics, then he will most likely be ready for the 1st grade lesson plans.  {You might wish to give him a little review before beginning first grade by having him read the first level of CHC's phonics-based Little Stories for Little Folks; first grade instruction begins with Level 2 of the program.}

I hope this helps.  Good luck and God bless you and your family!

Laura Nicholson 

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