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Question: I am wondering your opinion on how long I should have my children read aloud to me? My oldest is finishing up 4th grade and I'm still listening to her. I would love to keep it up but with homeschooling three, caring for two little ones, and expecting number 6 I know it is unrealistic for me to continue to listen to each reading lesson for each child. What age/grade do you recommend for the cut off point in allowing them to read independently? Thanks and God Bless.

Dear Mom,

I personally think that beyond 4th grade it is more important for children to read silently and independently (SSR...sustained silent reading). Have your daughter come to you and retell what she has read. Have her tell you what she has read while you are preparing supper or nursing the baby. As we mature in our learning skills it is far more important that we are able to relate what we have learned and not merely read the words properly. Continue with family time read aloud. You could have your daughter read aloud to her siblings. The best time for this is right before bed. A book before bed is so special. When I was pregnant with number 8 my husband read aloud to me each evening from our collection of Tasha Tudor books. I read aloud to the girls while they do needle work or draw. We are reading Little Women right now for the umpteenth time. One school year my son read aloud to them from the Adventure of Marco Polo. Oh, the memories that were created.

Let us pray for a healthy pregnancy and an uneventful delivery and for plentiful milk and good recovery. Our Lady of LeLeche pray for us. Amen.

Sending out a prayer,

Rita Munn

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