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Question: My question concerns adapting the CHC 4th grade plans for the needs of my daughter who is mildly dyslexic. She learned to read using Little Stories for Little Folks, and I believe the program gave her a strong foundation in reading even though she is dyslexic. However, she is having some trouble reading the readers recommended in the CHC 4th grade plans. Specifically, she fatigues more quickly than stronger readers do and often has trouble reading the "older", less common words. Along the same lines, it is difficult for her to do all of the writing assignments required in history and science. What do you suggest?


Dear Parent;

You are a wise mom to spot your daughter's difficulty and search for ways to tailor her education to fit her challenges with dyslexia.

In regard to reading assignments, you might wish to divide her reading assignments into smaller increments.  For example, a six-page story might be divided into two three-page assignments.  In addition, if possible, scanning the assignment first for archaic or more challenging words before reading gives an opportunity to pronounce and discuss the words first, so your daughter experiences success when she sees the words again.

With respect to writing assignments in history and science, remember that CHC allows complete freedom to tailor the assignments to fit your child.  Your daughter's assignments could be reduced both by length and frequency at first, to give her a bit of encouragement.  Then you might give her the option to continue with shorter writing assignments, following the suggested schedule, or fewer writing assignments, but in lengthier form with a longer time to complete them.

The former method will continue to expose her to information on a broader variety of subjects, while the latter approach will allow her to gain more in-depth information on a smaller range of subjects.  With your intimate knowledge of her learning style, you probably already know which approach is the best fit for her.

Your discernment and your daughter's determination are a good combination!

May our good Jesus bless and guide your school days,

Nancy Nicholson

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