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Question: My husband and I are concerned with teaching the faith to our daughter. My husband converted less than a year ago, and though I was "raised" Catholic, I was taught very little about my faith. We both want something so much more for our daughter, but we ourselves know so little. Is it possible to educate our child surrounded by a faith her parents are just learning? I'm very concerned about teaching her incorrectly, or leaving gaps in her faith formation. Our parish has no CCD program or Sunday school. Though I do want to homeschool our daughter, I feel (for many reasons) that we are in way over our heads! Is there material or help out there for somewhat ignorant Catholics? "Teaching the Catholic faith for dummies" maybe?

Dear Mom,

Your letter brings to mind one of my favorite scriptures. Do you remember the passage in which the Lord explains that unless we become like little children we can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Matthew 18:3. What do you think Jesus meant by this scripture? I have interpreted it to mean that we must become willing to admit our inability and our desire to become dependent on the Lord. We must be humble and willing to be lead, in much the same way a child depends on his parents.

Your letter is very open and you are obviously desiring to do what is right for your daughter's sake and for your own. How lovely and pure this desire is. How very much the Lord wants to show you the wonders of His presence and the truths of the Catholic faith.

My suggestion would be to start with a solidly Catholic curriculum. I can assure you that the curriculum from CHC is just that. You will be able to learn right along with your daughter. Secondly, investigate what is available through your church in the way of faith formation. I would even suggest that you attend RCIA classes, despite the fact that you are a baptized Catholic. RCIA is a series of classes which explains the truths of the faith to those who are anticipating entering the faith. There may be a bible study that you and your husband could benefit from and learn more.

Receive the sacraments frequently and pray the rosary often. The Blessed Mother has promised to lead all to Christ through this beautiful prayer. As you grow in spirituality, the Holy Spirit will empower you to learn more and more. The Lord will always answer yes to the desire to know Him better.

As far as 'being in over your head,' I can tell you that when it comes to knowing the Lord fully and completely, we should all be in over our heads. :) It takes a lifetime to know the Lord. I learn each and every day. I am confused and weary sometimes. I am jubilant and happy at other times. I have questions and problems that seem to have no answer. Yet the Lord is always there to lead and guide this child as I try to know Him better.

We pray for the burning desire to know the Lord better each and every day. We pray for the children which we have been entrusted with as we lead them to Christ. Give us the empowerment of the Holy Spirit as we move about this world and journey towards our true home, Heaven. Amen.

Thank you so much for your letter. I will be praying for you. I think that your daughter is very blest to have you and your husband as her parents.

Sending out a prayer,

Rita Munn

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