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Question: My question is about The Joyful Mysteries of Life. We have used "Listen, Son" with our 9-year-old but have to supplement it with secular books from the library. I would like a book that combines Catholic teaching regarding marriage and respect for life with a bit more biology. Should I try The Joyful Mysteries of Life? It sounds like what I'm looking for from the CHC catalog description. Thank you for your help.

Dear Mom,

I have liked The Joyful Mysteries of Life very much. I especially like the gentle and loving way human sexuality is approached. It is exactly the tone with which I prefer. As far as the real nuts and bolts of human development (biology) this is introduced in a manner as to invite questions. Remember that this publication is not an anatomy lesson but more of an understanding of the human sexual response to emotions. This is very important. The response to feelings of sexuality is at the heart of our teachings as Catholics. I would recommend that you purchase the book if for no other reason than it will help you approach this subject matter with confidence. In reading through the book you will gain an insight into the deeper emotional issues with regard to respect for life. I believe that it is the respect issue (both for the bodies of men and women) that is sorely lacking in many secular publications.

I admire your desire to teach this material from a Catholic viewpoint. All too often parents think that in order to be accurate with regards to this material they must use secular resources. Thank you for your lovely letter. It has been a good witness for me at this time. Sometimes we think that once this subject matter has been taught we are through discussing it. Not true. It is always good to refresh everyone's memories and renew their commitment to chastity and purity.

Lord of all Purity and Innocence, please allow that all parents search their hearts for the correct and holy response to the challenges that meet our young people as they mature both in body and mind. Allow that their spirits mature in You so as to protect their innocence and purity.

Sending out a prayer,

Rita Munn

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