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Question: Rita, you shared that you attend a monthly prayer night in Nashville. I was wondering where you find this information. This is something my circle of friends would love to have as part of our time together. One of our group has cancer so we spend as much time as possible together. We have looked into some prayer groups within our church but tend to find the groups are comprised of more mature members of our parish. Any suggestions for a great group of moms who always seek the power of prayer?

Dear Mom,

I would think that your best resource would be your own parish priest. When we began attending the monthly night of prayer (which includes prayers for the sick) we had heard about the opportunity through our parish priest. Our parish priest at that time was the Charismatic Liaison for the Diocese. This opportunity proved to be so beneficial for my husband and myself. Through this prayer meeting we were introduced to a Charismatic prayer group that met on a regular basis at one of our local parishes.

The Charismatic form of praise and worship was very healing for us and continues to be a great source of comfort during times of burden. I would highly recommend that you and your friends speak to your parish priest and explain your needs. It is not unusual for members of a parish to unite in prayer on a regular basis allowing that the parish priest guide and direct the efforts of the group. In fact this is to my mind very beneficial and healing.

If you and your group are interested in beginning a Charismatic prayer group you might consider a Life in the Spirit Seminar. Life in the Spirit Seminars are part of the Catholic response to the need some church members have expressed. They are interested in knowing more about Charismatic prayer groups and wish to learn more and to travel the journey to a full union in Charismatic prayer under the guidance of a more experienced group and their parish priest.

Charismatic prayer should focus upon the empowerment of the Holy Spirit while appreciating the greatest form of prayer: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. All Baptized Catholics have an indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Confirmation seals the Spirit within the human and allows that they will journey more closely with the Spirit. Charismatic prayer basically enhances our appreciation of the Holy Spirit's great power in our lives.

I will be keeping you and your group close in my prayers and I ask that you do the same for me. Prayer is powerful. I could write pages upon pages of witness attributed to the deep love and overwhelming care that I have known through my prayers to the sweet Jesus. Jesus is so dear and so loving that words are usually not sufficient to adequately explain His tender desire to enfold and surround each of His precious children with comfort and guidance.

Let us pray together at this time. Jesus, we ask that You reach beyond the barriers of human ability and understanding and surround our dear sisters in Christ as they journey to a fuller knowledge of the depth of Your love. We pray at this time for the needs of one who suffers a burden of ill health. Lord, wrap her gently in Your embrace and allow that she rest in the security of this tender embrace. Give her Your strength, Lord, and Your peace. Lord, we accept all things according to Your Holy Will. Your Holy Will is our comfort. We ask that You heal our dear sister from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Please allow that those who love her so much surround her with a protection of prayer that serves to guard her spirit and bring her hope and all forms of healing. Amen.

Sending out a prayer,

Rita Munn

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