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Question: We say 1 decade of the rosary during our school time almost daily. The kids are just learning this. (We are returning Catholics.) Right now we only say a decade to help them learn it. We bought the rosary cards with the pictures and we read from the family rosary book to help them understand what they mean, depending on the day of the week. My question is, to get all this in, in 1 decade we read 2 mysteries at the beginning and 1 in the middle, and then 2 at the end. Is this allowed? We don't want to teach them the wrong way.

Dear Mom,

What a beautiful and heartfelt letter. The way that you are praying the beautiful rosary is certainly permissible. It is such a holy witness of your desire to introduce your family to the power of this devotion that you would take such care. I believe that reading the rosary cards before the mysteries is wonderful. I have found that our family rosary (prayed each evening at 8:30pm) to be the most peaceful and holy time for our family. I feel in that one moment that we are surrounded with the Blessed Mother's arms and that she is gently leading us to a better understanding of her precious Son, Jesus. In this understanding we are growing closer to Him and more fully comprehending the depth of His love for each of us.

Please pray for me during your rosary.

Sending out a prayer,

Rita Munn

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