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Question: My grandchildren are almost 6 and 4.5 years. They are both good readers and just finished the McGuffey's Eclectic Primer. They know the sounds the letters make and some of the phonics rules. Would they benefit from Little Stories for Little Folks: Catholic Phonics Readers or can they bypass that and start with the next reader? Thanks!


Dear Grandparent;

Isn't it a joy and honor to share in your grandchildren's reading accomplishments?  They are doing well!

The child who finishes McGuffey's Eclectic Primer is approximately ready to begin Level 3 of Little Stories for Little Folks.  [It is important to complete all four levels of LSLF to be ready for CHC's second grade reading program.] 

Some homeschoolers who begin with another reading program but switch to CHC still use LSLF for practice and enrichment reading, particularly for the family-friendly Catholic content and the sequential phonics development.  [Library books can provide reading practice, but it may be difficult to locate books with any sort of phonics sequence, and almost impossible to find family-friendly, Catholic content.]

If you should decide that LSLF would be beneficial to your grandchildren, you may wish to begin with Level 2 for a quick review.  [Since McGuffey's has a slightly different approach, there may be a few small gaps between the two programs. Moving back a level for a few days of review will help insure that nothing is missed.]

Someone has been doing a good job with those grandchildren!

God bless and guide you as you help form little souls for eternity,

Nancy Nicholson

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