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Question: I'm considering using Language of God, Level F for my 10th grader. She is very bright but is behind in and strongly resists writing and grammar work. If I don't mention the intended grade level for this book, will she feel babied? I think it will be on the easy side for her but might still provide a good review of concepts. Are the writing exercises "creative" or more literature based? Thanks so much!

Dear Parent,

Thank you for your question. Language of God, Level F would provide an in-depth review of grammar concepts, especially if you believe that your daughter is behind in grammar and writing. The content of the exercises ranges from humorous imaginary stories to Shakespeare and science concepts. So the content is certainly not babyish, even for a tenth grader. 

Because the writing exercises include persuasive essays, informational reports, responding to literature, and organizing and writing dialogue for fictional narratives, the assignments are factual, creative, and literature based.

Some of the topics included in Language of God, Level F are as follows:

  •   Subjects and Predicates in Sentences and Questions
  •   Independent Clauses
  •   Compound Nouns and Words
  •   Possessive Nouns
  •   Collective Nouns
  •   Appositives
  •   Action Verbs
  •   Verb Tenses
  •   Irregular Verbs
  •   Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
  •   Indefinite Pronouns
  •   Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns
  •   Interrogative Pronouns
  •   Complex Sentences
  •   Troublesome Words
  •   Diagramming Sentences
  •   Commas and More Uses for Commas
  •   Parenthetic Expressions and Restrictive Clauses
  •   Hyphens, Semicolons, and Colons
  •   Quotation Marks and Italics
  •   Citations of Works
  •   Abbreviations
  •   Cliches

I hope that this information will help you to decide what is best for your daughter.

God bless you,

Sandra Garant

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