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Welcome to our category list for Homeschooling. Below are the recently-answered topics dealing with Homeschooling. Please click on each item to find the complete question and answer.
My daughter wants to go to high school and have that experience.... What priorities did you set when you were having babies while schooling the older ones?
It seems everyone got along better last year when they were in Catholic school. Any advice? How do you balance schooling and home life?
Can you help me get started with homeschooling my 13 year old son? I'm feeling burned out . . . so where do I go from here?
How do I keep on track with an energetic toddler? She is unstoppable. I wonder if I am just being lazy, or maybe I am not cut out for homeschooling, but sending the children to public or Catholic school is not an option either!...
If I homeschool will they miss the classroom interaction with other children? Will they be bored at home? How will we get through the days? How come I was called to homeschool with so many interruptions and extra people coming in and out along with extra children throughout the day?
We tried homeschooling last year and I just didn't think I could do it anymore!... My younger two sons are begging me to homsechool them, but my husband thinks that the kids will not get a good education at home....
I feel surrounded by those who need help... How do I fulfill my son's needs for interacting with other children?
I am considering homeschooling, but wonder if my children will be mature enough holistically for highschool and college.... I worry about taking my 11 year old away from her friends and the social aspect of going to school....
Have you ever tested your children (given standardized tests, that is)? Do you think it is important? How much time should you spend teaching your children while homeschooling?
Could you walk through a typical day of homeschooling several children, along with small children? I am at a loss for a way to help my 13-year-old with math....
The world of educating older children. . . .... What can I do with my youngest children when I'm trying to work with my 5 year old and high schooler?
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