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Question: My younger two sons are begging me to homeschool them. I feel this is something that God wants me to do. My husband thinks that the kids will not get a good education at home. What if the 11 year old has a math problem I cannot help him with? Or how will they get social time? I tell him they could remain in their extracurricular activities. He thinks they just want to stay home so they will not have to work like they do at school. Any suggestions on how I could approach this?

Dear Mom,

I am so glad that you have heard the calling to homeschool. Any time that we hear the Lord call us to His will this is a glorious and wonderful day.

Let me address the concerns that your husband has expressed. First, however, do not be dismayed by his concerns. Many times people work through their questions in this manner. The persons who take their time and sort through issues in this manner are generally more prepared to follow through with a plan, because they have mentally crossed all the bridges they feel they will encounter on the journey.

Children can learn in the homeschool. I have a son who is entering college in the Fall. He has been homeschooled since the 3rd grade. He was awarded a full scholarship and was asked to enroll in the honors program. I am extremely math challenged. The Lord in His mercy has sent me tutors and helpers at every curve in the journey. There will be people to help you on the path. Pray for the Lord's guidance and He will always send it to you.

As far as social life: My challenge is how to reel my children in. They are always doing something outside the home. They are involved in theater, sports, 4-H, and dance. Not to mention their circle of friends that includes everyone from public school children to homeschool friends. I believe that homeschooling has helped to create well-rounded individuals who are better able to interface with all age groups. This has been my experience as well as the experience of many other homeschooling families.

My children would be the first to tell your husband that they work much harder in the homeschool, than their public school counterparts. We have a plan of work and we work our plan. School is our family priority. I want my children to grow into responsible adults who are able to shine forth the glory of the Lord and do His will here on earth, so that they will enjoy eternal life. This takes dedication and hard work.

Perhaps if your husband could have a candid conversation with other homeschooling fathers, his concerns could be addressed. Many communities have homeschooling cooperatives that are good resources for information. They are many times a good contact for parents. You may even be fortunate enough to have a Catholic homeschooling support group in your town. Check it out and see if these are available.

You have the summer to do your ground work. I am praying for you.

Jesus, we praise and thank You for always sending the guidance and wisdom necessary to do Your will as You ask it of each of us. We love You, Lord, and praise Your holy name. Amen.

Sending out a prayer,
Rita Munn

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