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Question: I have been looking at your materials on-line, and am interested in possibly ordering the curriculum for my two boys who will be in 4th grade. We homeschooled last year through a local charter school, and we are signed up to homeschool through them again this year(for 4th grade). I was wondering if I can use your curriculum, and the pre-planned out lesson plans, and still be under the umbrella of the charter school? I realize I need to talk to my charter school representative about this as well, and intend to do so, but wanted to ask you first. Also, one of my sons is very dis-interested in school...he has been diagnosed with a learning disability, and it is quite a chore for him to do much writing, and lots of work in each subject. I modified the curriculum last year......instead of 25 problems of math on each page, (one page a day), I gave him 10 or so. This seemed to work for him, as he is very overwhelmed with a lot of problems on each page for each subject. Anyway, if I order your curriculum and plan to use your lesson plans (I think this would be so less intimidating for me) I can certainly modify the curriculum, if there is too much work for him, right? He will still be mastering the core subjects with a few problems instead of all of them listed right? One more thing......the charter school we are enrolled at does have Scantron testing we do on the computer once each semester, and we go to a testing site for a few days of State required "SAT" testing. So that way, we are doing the testing required by the State. Thank you for your time.....I really would appreciate answers to my questions, as I am trying to make a decision regarding order curriculum for our next school year. I have been distressed as to how to get through to my son with special needs.

Dear Mom,

Thank you for taking the time to write. It is through the many letters received and shared over this forum that we moms stay connected and are able to support one another.

I am not very familiar with the ins and outs of charter schools. I have heard and read pros and cons considering their use within the homeschooling arena. If you feel comfortable with this school and feel that they are able to allow you to adjust your tutorial to meet the needs of your children then I would continue using this option. However my only word of caution would be to check the amount of control that they are able to infuse into your unique homeschooling experience.

Having used many other curriculums over the many years of homeschooling I continue to find that the CHC approach meets the needs of my family and the very specific needs of my children. I too have children with special needs but amazing talents and strengths. Let me share with you some words of wisdom that were given to me by an experienced teacher and one who has been intimately involved with the very joyful work of seeing that children reach their fullest potential. I have been told that in order to overcome a child's weaknesses we should concentrate on teaching to their strengths. Doesn't that make sense? For me it was a break through to realize that though my daughter had many learning challenges, these were slight when compared to the many wonderful strengths that Jesus gave her. Her weakness are in the same way a gift from the Lord. CHC celebrates this teaching method. Therefore I feel comfortable recommending CHC, especially to those dear parents who are working to bring the best of the challenges that their children face.

Jesus in His infinite wisdom and overwhelming love for you and your dear son, sent your dear son to you. Jesus handpicked you to nurture, guide and protect this person. Because Jesus wants you to succeed in the task that He has chosen you for, then Jesus will empower you with the skills and information to make this possible. Trust in the goodness of the Lord. Don't fret. Sit before the Blessed Sacrament and allow the goodness of the Lord to wash over you and calm your fears. This is the place to go for peaceful empowerment.

Do your research, pray about the choice and then go forward into the work at hand. Remember that if we pray to know the Lord's will, this is a prayer that is always revealed. How can a good and loving Lord deny us the knowledge of His will for us? He can't and He won't.

I admire you very much as it I sense that your little boys are at the center of your efforts. You have a heart for your children.

Let us pray today for all those families that will find out today that they are going to receive the double blessing of the birth of twins. Let us pray for the health of the moms that carry the new lives and pray that these dear families will have the resources necessary to meet the challenges that are ahead."Amen.

Sending out a prayer,

Rita Munn

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