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Question: I am starting my homeschooling journey this year with my daughter in kindergarten and my son in preschool. I have bought the core materials that you recommend for each grade as far as curriculum goes. What other supplies might I want to have on hand for this year (i.e. crayons, paper, glue sticks, etc.)? Thank you and God Bless!

Dear CHC Parent,

Thank you for writing.  I enjoy practical, thoughtful questions like yours.  You are off to a great start by purchasing CHC core materials for each child.  Some supplies that come to mind when beginning homeschooling include: crayons, larger pencils and printing paper (for little hands), glue sticks, scissors (consider left or right hand), construction paper, letter and number flash cards, and baskets or bins. Extras, depending upon your budget, might include felt samples, glitter, sticky letters/numbers, play-do and markers (for really special occasions).

You didn't ask, but some helpful visuals might include an alphabet/number poster or placemat, a world map or globe, simple phonics rules, and a white board.  The most important items for the children to see daily are of course, religious articles, prayers, and pictures of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I am guessing that you are most prepared, as you have already purchased the children's books.  Three extra books that are handy when starting out are a saint book, a Catholic picture bible, and the level 1 Baltimore Catechism.

Two final thoughts, if I may.  I assume that you have purchased the lesson plans for your children's levels.  Having the plans at your fingertips throughout the day is most valuable.  Secondly, having a routine posted may also be very helpful.

Fresh starts are so very exciting.  I can almost smell the new box of crayons from here.  May Mary, our Mother in heaven, hold your hand, and your children's hands as you begin your new journey.

Blessings to you and yours,

Julia Johnson

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