High School of Your Dreams

Consistent with CHC’s understanding that Our Lord has created each student as a unique individual, High School of Your Dreams was developed by Nancy Nicholson as an approach to high school that can be tailored to fit virtually any learning style and goal. The expanded 2015 edition consists of three essential elements: the Guidebook, the Career Path E-Books, and the Course Resource E-Books.

High School of Your Dreams Guidebook

The High School of Your Dreams Guidebook is the “instruction manual” for planning a complete high school program for your student. The Guidebook offers a step-by-step introduction to three basic “study tracks,” which can be adapted to each student to aid him in discerning and following his unique vocation:

  1. College Track: Flexible Textbook Approach;
  2. Community College/Vocational School: Independent Study Approach;
  3. Apprenticeship/School-to-Work: Experiential Approach.

The Guidebook explains how to use the Career Path E-Books and Course Resource E-Books in order to plan and proceed with your high school program. Topics covered include what subjects are required for high school graduation, how credits are granted, compiling and using transcripts, documenting achievement, and more.

The 50-page “Stepping Up to High School: A Step-by-Step Guide” included in the Guidebook provides detailed guidance for developing a tentative four-year plan and a schedule for freshman coursework. It is recommended that planning for high school begin as the student nears the end of eighth grade. Early planning will help the student to focus on his or her goals—building excitement for the coming high school years—and will give time for course and material selection.

Bonus: A printed version of Course Resource E-Book 7: World History is included for free in the Guidebook to give you a sampling of the comprehensive nature of each Course Resource E-Book!

126 pgs. 2015 Revised Edition. 8½"x11" Shrink-wrapped. Loose-leaf, 3-hole drilled. Click here to purchase the High School of Your Dreams Guidebook.


Career Path E-Books

The High School of Your Dreams Career Path E-Books are designed to help students determine the long-term goal of their studies. The Career Path E-Books describe possible career paths; what courses are needed to prepare for careers in those fields; examples of how those careers might be used in service to Our Lord; and where to find information about degrees and training programs for those fields.

In the seven different Career Path E-Books, fields as diverse as environmental engineering, automotive mechanics, construction, wildlife biology, veterinary medicine, and culinary arts are presented for consideration. After reading and deliberating over the information contained in the chosen Career Path E-Book, parents and teens should have a clearer sense of the direction in which they wish to proceed, or whether a different Career Path might be more suitable.

Also included are detailed sample Individualized Plans (courses of study) written for real students with skills related to the Career Path in question. These plans demonstrate how to adapt core subjects such as English and Math to fit the student’s goals and abilities more precisely, and also suggest related electives and hands-on volunteer opportunities.


Course Resource E-Books

The High School of Your Dreams Course Resource E-Books provide detailed resources for developing tailored courses in over 60 core subjects and electives; select those Course Resource E-Books that include the subjects your student will study to reach his academic and career goals. Each e-book lists a variety of suggested texts for each subject, texts that can be chosen to match students’ academic levels and specific interests. Course Resource E-Books also include hands-on project ideas; possible research papers and essay prompts; experiential and volunteer activities; and other educational and career-related links to facilitate the development of an outstanding high school experience.


The Battle Planner

This student lesson planner by Nancy Nicholson is designed to guide your high schooler into taking charge of his education. Students should use the Battle Planner not only to keep on top of academic assignments, but family and extracurricular activities as well. Each week in this "over-sized planner" is laid out as a full two-page spread with lined spaces and check off boxes to enter assignments, their due dates, and family responsibilities. The planner also includes useful, encouraging tips for improving study habits and maintaining a positive approach to life.