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“I love What can I do.... We got it as a gift and it has brought so many educational blessings and spiritual as well. If you have a reluctant reader or a reluctant writer then this book is the key to your child's mind. The book is sweet, the lessons are short, and it is not overwhelming to the student. My sons have become quite in love with the idea of little discussions and love to write their own responses. My kids love the little faith lessons and their simplicity has made them find the joy of being Catholic!! This book is made in the spirit of CHC, which is gentle, simple and yet profound!!!”
- Dessi, MD
“My 6 year old daughter enjoys this story book and journal rolled in one. It helps her think about others first and more importantly, what she can do for others in her own little way. We were pleasantly surprised by "Nita's Idea" because the story is set in Manila, Philippines. In fact my girl wanted to visit San Agustin church the same day! The story also "persuaded" her to wear a dress everytime we go to church (because she's a shirt and leggings girl!). The stories in What Can You Do... are great in explaining the corporal and spiritual works of mercy to a child by the concrete examples shown by the characters. Even my 10 year old is curious about his sister's book. We are just about to complete the journal and it looks like a scrapbook of good works already. By learning a story each week, we have also gathered "works of mercy" the children will do during Lent, such as donating clothes and toys to the orphans, visiting our sick neighbors and cooking for them. It's a wonderful way to instill love for neighbor without really telling my kids what to do. Because of the stories we read, they are able to come up with their own works of mercy. We're thankful for this Catholic journal that is perfect for our 6 yr old. We're hoping this will start her on the habit of writing or drawing her thoughts and feelings, and hopefully even her prayers to Jesus. ”
- Moira, Philippines
“This title was beneficial for our son for two different reasons. When beginning second grade, he was still a little apprehensive about reading. The small pages and nicely spaced sentences allowed him to read full stories without getting overwhelmed with the number of words on the page. Also, being that second grade was a big sacrament year for him, reviewing the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy in stories with other children as the lead characters was great! He was able to relate to the messages in the stories and think about how he could do those things too. He loves reading the stories and thoroughly enjoys writing his own in the journaling pages!”
- Kelly, WI
“Thank you for the wonderful books and resources. I am especially enjoying the new reader, "What Can You Do. . ." I am using it as a Lenten reading for my middle child. It is on my top ten list of non-core purchases ever.”
- Sussette, FL
What Can You Do... may be my favorite CHC book yet! It is absolutely beautiful in its idea of portraying the Corporal Works of Mercy. From a catechism viewpoint, there is no better way to teach children the Works of Mercy than these sweet stories of children fulfilling them. They can relate to them and understand how they can act as well. Another learning strand is the journaling of what they would do to please God through each Work of Mercy. There is ample room for writing as well as space for drawing pictures to illustrate their story. A beautiful keepsake to be enjoyed over and over! ”
- Danielle, NJ
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