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“My children are continually referring back to Greg, Becca and the rest of the characters in the Devotional Stories books when situations at home arise. It is like they have become a part of our family.”
- Becky, WI
“Can you please pass on to Nancy Nicholson how much my kids love Devotional Stories for Little Folks 1 & 2? We finished the school year but not book 2, so when we were camping out in the backyard last night, I read the rest of the book to the kids as bedtime stories. The kids were rollicking with laughter and kept calling for more "funny Greg stories!", so I had to go back and reread ones from the beginning of the book. (If they had thought of it, I probably would have had to run back in the house to get the first book too.) I am so thankful for Nancy's funny and touching stories. They have taught ALL of us so much.”
- Jen, Ohio
“This is a big hit for all of our children ages 2 through 12. These stories are heartwarming and touch each child with the importance of always demonstrating God's love. Our children never tire of these stories; in fact they ask us to read from one of the Devotional Stories for Little Folks books nightly.”
- Tami, WA
“I am thrilled that these books promote the Faith with both Scripture and Catechism references. I also like the clarity with which vocabulary words are presented and the wonderful comprehension questions at the end of each story. I can't wait to begin using them this fall!”
- Jeannie, Arkansas
“We enjoyed Devotional Stories for Little Folks so much - I've often said I wish Nancy Nicholson would write another one! I'll be placing orders for next year's school books as soon as the tax checks get here, and Devotional Stories for Little Folks, Too will definitely be on the list!”
- Linda, Maine
“Dear Mrs. Nicholson,

I'm in Fifth Grade and I'm eleven years old. I LOVE your Devotional Stories for Little Folks. I read them many times. I've even read most of them about thirty times! I mean it, thirty times! ... I have the first and second books and I really like them. I even read them on the way to school.

Speaking of school, I'm not homeschooled, but in my school I use one of your spellers. I really like it. I like the "Word-Math" and "Find and Circle the Misspelled Words".

I was thinking, would you please write another Devotional Stories for Little Folks? It would be really nice if there were another one to read. I hope it's not too much trouble for you. Would you please do that? Thank you! God bless you!

In Christ, Elizabeth”

- Elizabeth, Virginia
“I just wanted to give you a very big thank you for Devotional Stories for Little Folks and Rare Catholic Stories; my children can hardly wait for bedtime every night, because they so look forward to the stories. They also help me, because the parents in the books are such good Catholic parents. They give me good ideas!”
- Lori, Florida
“The Devotional Stories series is by far the most easy to relate to, engaging, family stories that teach morals, that we have ever read. My children love them and continually ask me to read them over and over again. Unlike some other children's books, I never grow tired of them either!”
- Liz, MI
“My son and I especially enjoy Devotional Stories for Little Folks (both books). Unlike his sisters, reading isn't his strongest or favorite subject. He and I love snuggling up with these books though. The stories are very relatable for a second-grader. It seems we almost always reference them through our every day life occurrences. In those moments, he gets to be the teacher to his younger and older sisters when he retells the stories to the whole family. Not only am I sure he's comprehending what he's reading, he's comprehending the lesson within and relating his life experiences to it. I think that' what it's all about!!”
- Toni, Cottleville, MO
“My kids read above reading level, but your stories provide the simple, clear-cut examples of how to be a Catholic kid that they need. I love that they aren't just about teaching reading, but about teaching how to be a Christian. And they also remind me of the things that are truly important for a family. One of my twins decided to make his additional Lenten practice to play more often with his little brother. I am sure this is an extension of the examples set by Seth and Meg in the Devotional Stories. They also no longer immediately groan when we ask them to watch their brother, take out the trash or do other little spontaneous chores.”
- Rebecca, OK
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