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Core Materials:
CHC Lesson Plans: Second Grade
Bigger Stories for Little Folks
Devotional Stories for Little Folks
Devotional Stories for Little Folks Too
My Catholic Speller A
Language of God A
Explore the Continents
MCP Math B Student
MCP Math B Teacher's Manual
Behold and See 2
Faith & Life 2 Student
Faith & Life 2 Activity
Faith & Life 2 Answer Key
Preparing to Receive Jesus (Book)
Preparing to Receive Jesus (Packet)
Lesson Plan & Core Materials:
Complete Second Grade Kit
Non-Core Materials:
Catholic Heritage Handwriting Level 2
Making Music Praying Twice
Map Skills B Student
Map Skills B Teacher
ArtPac 2
Coloring with the Saints
King of the Golden City
Onions in My Boots
Creative Communications
Parent Resource:
Catholic Report Card
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Second Grade
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Explore the Continents
MCP Mathematics 2005 Edition Level B
$17.95 Student Workbook
$33.95 Teacher's Manual
Behold and See 2: More Science with Josh and Hanna
Faith and Life, Grade 2: Jesus Our Life
$8.25 Activity Book
$12.95 Student Text
$51.95 Teacher's Manual
$4.95 Printed Answer Key
Preparing to Receive Jesus: A Hands-On Religion Resource
$16.95 Book
$12.95 Packet
Second Grade Core Kit
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“Let me thank you and others who have developed the CHC materials. This is my 10th year homeschooling, and I'm sure my other children didn't learn as much as my 2nd grader this year is learning. It's a pace that is just right for us, and the Catholic perspective on everything is truly beautiful. This has been our best year ever, even with four children at different levels. I appreciate you and CHC so much. ”
- Melanie, MO
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