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My Catholic Speller, Level F
Nancy Nicholson

Easy-to-use, self-contained program includes all instructions with each lesson and a removable answer key in the back of the book. Economical - time saving - no need to purchase or refer to separate teacher's manual or answer key! A variety of activities are utilized in each lesson to hold student's interest.

SAVE: Lessons include vocabulary-building exercises - no need to purchase a separate vocabulary program!

This worktext features unique spelling aids for the final level: "Spelling Hint," "Watch Out," "Use the Clues," "Writing Challenge," "Search for 'Hidden' Roots," "Latin and Greek Roots," "Adopted from Many Lands," and others.

Bonus: This worktext features a special Marian apologetics mini-course! Explanations are offered in the back of the worktext.

Advanced Sixth/Average Seventh Grade. Spiral bound for ease of use. Softcover. 82 pgs. 34 lessons. Answer key included.

Recommended core text in CHC Lesson Plans for Seventh Grade.  Tour this title within the Seventh Grade Interactive Guide!


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“Will the Marian apologetics mini-course in the back of the worktext ever be just a book? This bonus is mine and my children's favorite subject!”
- Denise
“My daughter enjoys her spelling book because of the variety of exercises and the tie-in to the Catholic faith. Our family is fairly new to the Catholic church and this is helping them because the books have them spell, use, and define terms that have to do with Catholic belief. In the Level F book, Marian apologetics are woven throughout. Coming from a protestant background, this is helping them to embrace one of the tougher to explain beliefs that seems to be almost uniquely Catholic. As for the spelling, the words are just the right level and the pace is good. The work level is just right, too.”
- Leah, Colorado
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