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“I am using your books to homeschool my children. I just wanted to share our good news with you. Our oldest son (6th grade) won first place in a Tri-county Spelling Bee contest last Monday. He was the only homeschool child among 14 other kids (which were first place in their schools). We are very proud of him.”
- Xhonane, PA
“This is a wonderfully easy spelling workbook for moms/teachers. The text is filled with beautiful Catholic writings and images. The lessons are challenging, but not difficult enough to be frustrating. The exercises vary from lesson to lesson and include definitions, puzzles, alphabetizing and other activities. There is no advance prep work necessary. Each lesson covers words with similar phonetic and word-building rules, so learning is easier. I will use this Speller with my daughter again next year.”
- Cindy, IL
“I just love, love, love the Nancy Nicholson books. I had used Little Folks reading program to teach my children to read and so I thought I'd try the Spelling books and the Language of God books. My kids cheer when they see that it's time to use those books. They find them fun and interesting. And I just love all the great Catholic teaching and morals included.”
- Julie
“I remember my own spelling books from grade school which listed all of my spelling words in handwriting. I have homeschooled for 11 years and your spellers are the first I have seen with this wise addition. It takes the guesswork out of letter formation if the child can see their spelling words in handwriting instead of printing.”
- Judy, prescott, az
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