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“We have been using CHC's wonderful Language of God series for many years now. I was looking at other publisher's grammar books and let my children help decide which they wanted to use for the coming school year. They all agreed they wanted to continue with Language of God. My high schoolers, who had done a few different grammar programs, told me they preferred CHC's as well and advised me to stick with them for the younger children. The lessons are thoughtfully laid out, are not overwhelming, and clearly teach the concept. As a mom teacher I prefer the Language of God books myself, so I am delighted that we are all in agreement here! Thank you for all the marvelous work you do at Catholic Heritage Curricula! ”
“In December I hated what we were using for English and so needed to switch. I bought your phonics program, grammar and spelling. We tried them the week before our Christmas holiday. My son LOVED them. We never looked back. I appreciated how much easier they made my life as his teacher. Also, I have a Master's in ESL. I know how to teach English. Your materials are simple... and simply effective. My son eats up the religious instruction. He adores his little phonics readers and shares them with his brother.”
- Shannon, IL
“I absolutely love that our faith is integrated into every subject, just as it should have been but never was at my children's Catholic school. Not only do they learn grammar, they also learn about the saints or more importantly, about Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for all you do and please keep up the blessed work, as you are truly blessing us.”
- Katherine, OR
“Starting my second grader on grammar was simple with the Language of God series. There was hardly any preparation from me, and the instructions were easy for my daughter to understand on her own. She especially liked the writing exercises, creating her own sentences or taking dictation of quotations from her favorite books. The review sections helped her remember previous lessons, and allowed me to check knowledge retention. Both of us look forward to continuing our grammar lessons with this series.”
- Diane, VA
“My older daughter, who went through Language of God in grade school (and did not have any other grammar, such as Voyages in English, Easy Grammar or any of what other homeschoolers use) has consistently received 98% on standardized tests in English--even an early ACT she took this year--, which I credit to Language of God. My next daughter is doing well, too, but I was really glad for her sake (a child who needs more repetition) to see Level E ready--and just when I needed it, too!”
- Nancy, Illinois
“I wanted to share with you, of the curricula I have bought for my son's 1st grade year next year, I am very pleased with the Easy as 1,2,3 Science, and the spelling and Language of God workbooks. Especially how the workbooks are bound so that the pages do not have to be ripped out and the student can write flat, and not have to fight the binding.”
- Jamie, Rhode Island
“I have used your products for 9 years now and am now teaching my fifth child with them. I particularly like the Language of God series and your spellers as they are solid content without distracting glitz.”
- Cecilia, South Dakota
“The Little Stories for Little Folks phonics program is wonderful. Both kids enjoyed the little books. We're starting the Language of God book and so far, that has met with success. At one page a day, the kids are learning but not overwhelmed with information about writing.”
- Joannie, North Carolina
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