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Question: I've heard a lot about CHC, but wonder how it is different from other homeschool programs.

Some programs, in an honest effort to provide a complete education, end up overwhelming young students with hours and hours of school each day, and discourage them from ever wanting to learn anything.

It is sometimes mistakenly thought that if a child is not struggling or spending at least five or six hours a day on school, that his education must be deficient. In most cases, just the opposite is true. CHC elementary materials are designed as bite-size lessons so that a child can easily absorb and understand the concepts. Bogging the child down with unnecessary busy work and repetition causes burnout and eventually the child shuts down. Students who follow the scheduled studies suggested in CHC's Lesson Plans and complete the assignments will have a positive educational experience, without the frustration and burnout.

CHC offers a balance of all core, essential subjects and ample enrichment activities, without overwhelming the student or his teacher. CHC's flexible program allows enrichment activities to be returned to the schedule as time permits; the focus on 'core' subjects assures that the student will be exposed to all that is necessary for his grade level, without placing undue demands on student or teacher.

Further, CHC-produced materials are designed to be self-teaching insofar as possible, to free the teacher for other tasks, and encourage the student to think and work independently.

Theresa Johnson

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