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Question: Dear CHC: I am wanting to use CHC next year for my son who will be entering 8th grade. This particular student has never had any really intensive grammar lessons, and I am concerned about him not having any in 8th grade as preparation for high school. We did Lingua Mater this year in 7th, and while he did do well with the writing assignments, he struggled with some of the grammar concepts being taught. I would really like to add a grammar component to his 8th grade coursework in addition to the Stories of the Saints and the reading using Reading Strands. What do you recommend? Is it okay to add to the CHC recommended course of study for a student such as this?


Dear Parent;

Ah, the beauty of homeschooling, which allows the freedom to tailor the program to fit the student!

Because nothing inspires confidence and the will to go on so much as success, I would suggest that you begin with Language of God, Book C. Beginning with lower level coursework will provide the opportunity to review concepts that may be a little shaky, and reveal educational gaps. [Your son should be able to move fairly quickly through Book C.]

As he builds on his knowledge of grammar, your son can move on to Language of God, Books D and E.

In addition, as your son progresses through these levels, be sure to have him apply what he is learning to his writing. For example, if his recent grammar lessons focus on proper nouns and quotations, he may wish to do a bit of creative writing using [and identifying] proper nouns and quotations.

May God bless and guide your homeschooling adventure!

Nancy Nicholson

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