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Question: Is it possible to use Catholic Heritage Handwriting: Level K while using a different reading program? I do not want to use the handwriting if its not going to make sense unless it is used with the reading program. Thank you and God bless.

Dear Mom,
What a good question!
Certainly, Catholic Heritage Handwriting: Level K can be used to learn and practice kid-friendly penmanship, whichever reading program you use.
However, the Catholic Heritage Handwriting primary program was designed not only to teach penmanship, but also to reduce cost for homeschoolers by incorporating integrated learning.  That is, the handwriting program not only teaches penmanship, but also serves as a reading/phonics workbook, reinforcing the lessons that the student is learning in CHC's Catholic phonics reading program.  By utilizing the complete language arts program, the family has fewer books to purchase, fewer books to juggle (and no confusion trying to integrate separate programs), but as much language arts practice as if they had purchased a reading program, supplemental workbook, and a handwriting program on top of it all.  Of course, this not only makes it easier for Mom, but also benefits the child who is just beginning to grasp reading.
Thanks for your question--if we can be of further service, please don't hesitate to contact us.
May God bless and guide your exciting homeschooling adventure!

Nancy Nicholson

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