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Fourth Grade Core Kit

CHC's curriculum for Fourth Grade distinguishes between core and non-core subjects. Core subjects are the "basic essentials" of education for a particular grade, such as reading, science, and religion. Non-core subjects, such as art and map skills, can be added as time, interest, and finances allow. Visit the Fourth Grade Interactive Guide to take a subject-by-subject tour of core and non-core materials, including printable sample pages that can be used to determine grade placement!

The Fourth Grade Core Kit includes all the core materials for Fourth Grade except for math and the books studied in The Treasure Trove of Literature, which can be purchased more affordably from other sources. The recommended math and literature books are listed below along with information on where to purchase them. 

The Fourth Grade Core Kit includes:

CHC Lesson Plans for Fourth Grade
The Treasure Trove of Literature, Level 1 Guidebook & Notebook
My Catholic Speller C
Language of God C
Behold and See 4: Human Anatomy and Health
Our United States of America Student Text & Workbook
Faith and Life 4 Student, Activity, & Answer Key
Saints & Seasons of the Liturgical Year

The following math and literature books are not included in the Fourth Grade Core Kit. (They are still scheduled in CHC Lesson Plans.) Please purchase them separately at the links provided or borrow them from your local library. 

Saxon Math 5/4 Kit (3rd ed.) (ISBN: 9781591413479)
New to Saxon Math? Click here for a free placement test!

Little House in the Big Woods (ISBN: 9780060581800)
The Father Brown Reader (ISBN: 9780976638674)
Minn of the Mississippi (ISBN: 9780395273999)
The Winged Watchman (ISBN: 9781883937072)
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (ISBN: 9780064409421)  


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Other Materials for Fourth Grade:

Non-Core Materials:

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“Thank you for your help and for such a beautiful, spiritual, and user friendly and grade/age level appropriate curriculum! (mother of four home-schooled children - grades K,1,3,4 - and former elementary/middle school teacher)”
- Noelle, TX
“I am so excited to be using CHC materials this year! I began homeschooling my third grader and kindergartner last year right in the midst of expecting baby number four. All my friends and family kept asking me how I was surviving with all the transitions. I kept thinking I must have been doing something wrong because everything seemed to fall into place so easily during our school hours -- even with a super-rowdy 3-year-old and a newborn! As I began planning for my second year, I started to order books from other programs because I was wondering what I was missing -- there is so much out there! I realized about two weeks into school this September what a huge mistake I had made. Everything in school seemed so chaotic. CHC is so organized, so Catholic, and so mom and housework-still-needs-to-get-done friendly that I've been gradually restocking my curriculum with CHC materials to get back on track in my school and home. Now the three-year-old is enjoying many of the preschool materials, my six-year-old is reading at a third-grade level and my fourth grader knows how to organize himself and get work down without me having to sit with him for hours on end. I guess I'm glad that I ordered from several other curriculums last summer because if I hadn't I would not have understood so completely how wonderful CHC is. CHC is truly a blessing to our family and homeschool. I'm now having fun recommending all your products to all my homeschooling friends! I look forward to NOT shopping around next year. I'm confident CHC will have all I need. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
- Maureen, MO
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