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Third Grade Core Kit

CHC's curriculum for Third Grade distinguishes between core and non-core subjects. Core subjects are the "basic essentials" of education for a particular grade, such as reading, science, and religion. Non-core subjects, such as art and map skills, can be added as time, interest, and finances allow. Visit the Third Grade Interactive Guide to take a subject-by-subject tour of core and non-core materials, including printable sample pages that can be used to determine grade placement!

The Third Grade Core Kit includes all the core materials for Third Grade except for math, which can be purchased more affordably from other sources. The recommended math kit is listed below along with information on where to purchase it. 

The Third Grade Core Kit includes:

CHC Lesson Plans for Third Grade
Our Friends from Other Lands
How to Dress a Duck
My Catholic Speller B
Language of God B
Behold and See 3
Tour a Country: Learning about Other Lands & Peoples
Folding World Map
Faith and Life 3 Student, Activity, & Answer Key
At the Feet of Mary Book & Packet

The following math kit is not included in the Third Grade Core Kit. (It is still scheduled in CHC Lesson Plans.) Please purchase it separately at the link provided.

MCP Math Level C (2005 ed.) Homeschool Kit (ISBN: 9780765273833) 

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Other Materials for Third Grade:

Non-Core Materials:
Art with a Purpose 3 (purchase from the publisher)
Map Skills, Level C
Making Music Praying Twice (purchase from the producer)
Parent Resource:

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“I am glad we are using CHC because I know that I can really cut back and still be sure I am getting all the core stuff covered. I will probably break for the summer when the twins come, but even when I start again in the fall, if I need to, I know I can have a relaxed schedule in order to be able to care for the babies but also get all the older kids core subjects done. Thanks for making it easy on us Catholic moms!”
- Sarah, TX
“My third grader and I are extremely grateful to CHC for providing curriculum that is not overwhelming. Last October we switched to CHC after spending a miserable month and a half wading through a secular curriculum. It has been a daily blessing! Even though we started 7 weeks late, my daughter has been able to catch up without feeling burdened or overwhelmed; it's more than amazing! She has become self-motivated, and loves the feeling of accomplishment which the CHC curriculum gives her. She also uses her Wednesdays to take enrichment classes at a nearby school. The flexibility is unparalleled! Last, but certainly not least, we are so grateful for the daily infusion of virtue-building input which the texts provide. Thank you for rescuing us and giving us "wings to fly"! God bless you and your ministry.”
- Tanya, WA
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