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High School of Your Dreams Course Resource E-Books
$12.95 each

The Course Resource E-Books were designed to accompany the 2015 Edition of the High School of Your Dreams Guidebook, which has been discontinued. A highly condensed version of the information in the Course Resource E-Books is included in the 2019 Edition of the High School of Your Dreams Guidebook. The Course Resource E-Books will continue to be offered until June 2020 for use with the 2015 Edition of the Guidebook.   

The Course Resource E-Books help you find materials with which to teach courses in over 60 core subjects and electives. The e-books provide lists of recommended books and other course materials, supplemental reading lists, recommended essay topics, and experiential learning suggestions for each subject.

Course Resource E-Book 1: Career Development & College Prep

Business Cluster; Career Development and College Prep; Driver’s Ed; Logic; Speech; Study Skills; Typing
39 pgs (including 12-pg. introduction). 3.0 MB pdf

Course Resource E-Book 2: Career Development, Vocational
Agricultural Science; Building and Construction; Business Cluster (landscaping, lawn care service, home business, etc.); Career Development & Vocational School/College Prep; Driver’s Ed; Electrical Science; Mechanical Science, Automotive; Speech; Study Skills; Typing; Wildlife Science; Woodworking/Metal Shop
61 pgs (including 12-pg. introduction). 3.2 MB pdf

Course Resource E-Book 3: Experiential Learning Opportunities
Sites and opportunities for experiential learning, volunteering, and career-bridge positions, organized by state/province:
Volunteer/Paid/Career Bridge Positions; Catholic Shrines/Historic Sites; Museums & Theaters; Historical and Cultural Sites; Experiential Science Sites
53 pgs (including 10-pg. introduction). 5.4 MB pdf

Course Resource E-Book 4: Faith, Family, Social Work
Apologetics; Criminal Justice/Forensic Science; Family Management; Home Economics; Psychology; Social Work Today; Theology; Vocations
48 pgs (including 12-pg. introduction). 3.1 MB pdf

Course Resource E-Book 5: Social Studies, U.S.
Geography; U.S. Government; U.S. History; Social Problems Today (U.S.)
36 pgs (including 12-pg. introduction). 4.4 MB pdf

Course Resource E-Book 6: Social Studies, Canadian
Geography; Canadian Government; Canadian History; Social Problems Today (Canadian)
31 pgs (including 12-pg. introduction). 2.9 MB pdf

*Course Resource E-Book 7: History, World
Roman Empire; World History; World History, Alternative Approaches; The Holocaust; Israel, from Ancient to Modern
32 pgs (including 12-pg. introduction). 4.0 MB pdf
* A printed version of this e-book is included in the HSYD Guidebook.

Course Resource E-Book 8: Language Arts, Group I
English Composition and Grammar; English Alternatives for Struggling Students; Course Plan to accompany Sections 1-2 of Jensen’s Format Writing, 2016 Edition
33 pgs (including 12-pg. introduction). 3.4 MB pdf

Course Resource E-Book 9: Language Arts, Group II
English Literature; Modern Languages; Trivium/Great Books; Classical Languages
35 pgs (including 12-pg. introduction). 3.6 MB pdf

Course Resource E-Book 10: Physical Science and Math, Group I
Aeronautics; Computer Science with Robotics; Electrical Science; General Science; Mechanical Science, Automotive; Mathematics; Math Alternatives for Struggling Students (including career-specific math)
42 pgs (including 12-pg. introduction). 3.6 MB pdf

Course Resource E-Book 11: Physical Science and Math, Group II
Aeronautics; Astronomy; Chemistry; Computer Science with Robotics; Earth Science; Environmental Science; Geology; Meteorology; Physics; Mathematics
51 pgs (including 12-pg. introduction). 3.1 MB pdf

Course Resource E-Book 12: Life Sciences, Human
Anatomy/Pre-Med; Biology; Dietetics/Nutrition; Fetology; Health; Midwifery; Physical Education
44 pgs (including 12-pg. introduction). 3.0 MB pdf

Course Resource E-Book 13: Life Sciences, Plant and Animal
Agricultural Science; Biology; Botany; General Science; Oceanography; Wildlife Science; Zoology
48 pgs (including 12-pg. introduction). 3.0 MB pdf

Course Resource E-Book 14: The Arts
Art; Creative Writing; Drama (with ASL); Journalism/Communications; Music
29 pgs (including 12-pg. introduction). 2.8 MB pdf

Editable Forms and Charts E-Book 15
Editable forms and charts for planning, record-keeping, and production of transcript and diploma. Forms included: "From Freshman to Graduate Form," "Class Lesson Plan Form," "Monthly Hours Chart," Academic Transcript, and Diploma. Each of the forms is accompanied by completed samples to illustrate its use. On purchasing this e-book, you will be able to download two separate versions: Editable Forms and Charts E-Book 15 can be edited in Adobe Reader (version 8 or later) and saved or printed for your records; Blank Forms and Charts E-Book 15 is non-editable and can be printed off and edited by hand.

Technical requirements: Editable Forms and Charts E-Book 15 must be opened in Adobe Reader version 8 or later. Other PDF viewers, including the native PDF viewer on Macintosh computers and the PDF viewers built-in to some browsers, will not allow the forms to function correctly. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from Adobe’s website:

Editable Forms and Charts E-Book 15: 17 pgs (including 10-pg introduction). 11.8 MB pdf
Blank Forms and Charts E-Book 15: 27 pgs (including 10-pg introduction). 3.1 MB pdf

Note: There is some repetition or similarity in certain segments of each Course Resource E-Book. This repetition ensures that, no matter which combination of e-books is chosen, the parent will have in hand the necessary information to facilitate chosen educational aims.

E-HSYD-1 Course Resource E-Book 1 Quantity:
E-HSYD-3 Course Resource E-Book 3 Quantity:
E-HSYD-5 Course Resource E-Book 5 Quantity:
E-HSYD-7 Course Resource E-Book 7 Quantity:
E-HSYD-9 Course Resource E-Book 9 Quantity:
E-HSYD-11 Course Resource E-Book 11 Quantity:
E-HSYD-13 Course Resource E-Book 13 Quantity:
E-HSYD-15 Forms and Charts E-Book 15 Quantity:
E-HSYD-2 Course Resource E-Book 2 Quantity:
E-HSYD-4 Course Resource E-Book 4 Quantity:
E-HSYD-6 Course Resource E-Book 6 Quantity:
E-HSYD-8 Course Resource E-Book 8 Quantity:
E-HSYD-10 Course Resource E-Book 10 Quantity:
E-HSYD-12 Course Resource E-Book 12 Quantity:
E-HSYD-14 Course Resource E-Book 14 Quantity:

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