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Question: My daughter is only 15 months old, but I am seriously considering homeschooling her when she comes of age. Since I am a stay at home mom, I would like to start devoting a portion of our days to discovery and learning in the Catholic faith. Do you have any books or curricula for young toddlers who are just beginning to learn?

Dear Mom,

It is such a holy and uplifting witness of sweet docility and purity before the Lord to read your letter about wanting to bring your child to the fullness of the faith through gentle instruction. Knowing that she is such a wee baby of 15 months and your desire is so strong I think that this is a testimony to the Lord's guidance in your life. It has long been thought that it is the mother (with the father's support) who brings the children to the knowledge of the Lord. Why do you think this is true? I believe it to be true because the mother is with the children from the beginning and through out the days. Naturally it is understood that the anointing for parenting is indeed placed upon both parents.

I would suggest that at your daughter's young age, books that are filled with colorful pictures which allow you to point out the gentle Jesus are going to be the most helpful. One that comes to mind at first is The New Catholic Picture Bible. This would be a good investment in that, with proper care, you would be able to keep this book for many years to come. Look for books that will provide you an opportunity to read quietly to your daughter.

Probably the most beneficial thing that you can do for your daughter is to pray with her enfolded in your arms. Make prayer time with you daughter a peaceful time of tender embrace. Jesus honors the prayers of a mother especially those prayers that ask for His guidance and protection for the child.

I believe that the Lord has sent you this little girl because He knew that you would be the best mother for the child that He loves. Jesus' love for our children is beyond our ability to understand such love. Yet we can trust in His love and allow this love to overwhelm us as well. Jesus will surely guide us and lead us to be the best parents that we can be, all for His honor and glory.

Let us pray for all those families that find they are in the midst of turmoil due to natural disasters. Let us pray that they are able to find places of refuge and safety during such times. Lord we love You and long to see Your face. Please empower and inspire us and send the graces sufficient to weather all the storms of life no matter how large. Amen.

Sending out a prayer,

Rita Munn

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