Homeschooling High School

Do you ever worry about choices for high school? Does the thought of homeschooling send you to your knees (this is good!), but the prospect of public high school, secular texts promoting anything but godly values, and peer pressure seem even more frightening?

Courage! Jesus came to give us life abundantly, and His strength to go against all challenges. With His grace, we can prepare our young adults to “go against the flow” through a very workable, rewarding homeschooling experience.

Our young adults are precious to us, and to their Heavenly Father, Who loves and cares for them even more than we do! If you are unsure about what approach to use for high school, we encourage you to browse the information here on CHC's information-packed high school site.

Homeschooling high school is truly a gift; come, join in!

With warmest regards, wrapped in Our Lady's mantle,

Theresa Johnson
Catholic Heritage Curricula