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$29.95 More Science with Josh and Hanna BAS2 Quantity:
Behold and See 2: More Science with Josh and Hanna
Nancy Nicholson with Mary Piecynski

As children begin to discover the astounding world that God created, they at the same time begin to uncover the mysteries of science. Rather than being at odds, these two discoveries issue from one and the same Source.

This Catholic science text presents to the child both Creation and Creator, in a context familiar to the child: the family. Activities that follow lessons reinforce and bring topics to life in little hands and minds. Through these lessons, children learn the scientific method of observing, comparing, grouping, and measuring change.

Behold and See 2 users need no additional workbooks, teacher’s manuals, or answer keys; all lessons, activities, and explanations are found within the worktext.

Chapters include: Simple Machines, Work, and Energy; God Provides Water for the World that He Created; Natural Resources: God's Gifts to Man; The Earth on Which We Live; and Marine Life: Living Things in the Oceans.

154 pgs. Full color. Spiral binding for ease of use. 8½"x11"

Recommended core text in CHC Lesson Plans for Second Grade. Tour this title within the Second Grade Interactive Guide!

A single-subject lesson plan is also available here.

One of Cathy Duffy's 101 Top Picks
for Homeschool Curriculum

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“My second grade son has just completed Behold and See Science 2. He has always enjoyed science and this book was no exception. It held his attention and it was the first subject everyday that he wanted to tackle. He often begged to complete more than the assigned pages in the lesson plan. He has learned a great deal and also had his curiosity and love of learning nurtured. His favorite part was the hands on experiments. Mom also liked the experiments, because they were fairly easy to prepare for and complete at home. Furthermore, all of our other kids participated in the experiments (ages 2, 4, and 6). For example, I have pictures of all the kids doing the lever experiment and taking turns trying to balance the ruler and coins. I also have pictures of the kids surrounding the volcano as it is erupting. My son enjoyed the volcano so much, we put it up to dry and a week later did it all again! Measuring marine creatures was also a joint effort between my second grader and my kindergartner. Additionally, we really appreciate how the text incorporates God's plan and the mysteries of His creation into the lessons. It makes a difference using Catholic texts! This kind of fun and learning and family bonding is exactly why we started homeschooling!”
- Sarah, TX
“I have been homeschooling for 18 years and have never found it so easy, complete and enjoyable as I have since using Catholic Heritage Curricula two years ago. I love the Behold and See Science 2: More Science with Josh and Hanna that came in our Core Kit for 2nd grade. It is laid out in manageable lessons. The lessons are written in a manner that is age appropriate but yet a little challenging to stretch their little minds. The science experiments are our favorite part and we look forward to doing them. The material covered helps to explain how things work in our every day lives. We look forward to continuing our building blocks of education in next year's Behold and See Science 3.”
- Jill, CA
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